Adjustable Book Tables

Adjustable Book Tables

Temayüz adjustable reading table

Architab Workshop Temayüz Working Table Distinguishment literally means: "Do not become superior to your peers, stand out among them, become distinguished." means. Our purpose in naming this product is that it has more features than its counterparts and offers many options to its users. Let's get to know our extra-adjusted reading table made of natural...
Adjustable Book Tables

Wooden Adjustable Laptop - Tablet Stand

Laptop, Tablet and Book Table With the developing technology, the electronic devices we use the most are probably phones, tablets and laptops. We spend so much time with these electronic devices that take place in our hands, on our desks and on our laps to benefit from video and social media, both for work and in daily life, that many of us eventually...

Adjustable Wooden Book and Computer Stand

Check out our reading tables made of Natural Wood. It is a product that you can use comfortably on your sofa, on your bed or on your desk.

If you are looking for an adjustable lectern, check out the wooden coffee tables specially designed by our interior architect with 3-level books and legs for open-closed use.

If you suffer from neck pain after a while while reading a book or concentrating on your work with a computer and tablet, this product is for you!

It is made entirely of natural wood. It is protected with a two-layer protective formula that is resistant to scratches for long-term use.

Thanks to its rounded corners, you will not experience rips on your sofa or bed.

If you want, you can use it on your table by closing its feet.

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