Ahşap tatlı tabakları

Ahşap tatlı tabakları

All in One Fondue Presentation

End Your Sweet Cravings with Architab's All in One Fondue Presentation! 🍫☕ Designed exclusively by Architab, the "All in One Fondue Presentation" is an ideal choice for cafes offering chocolate, waffles, croissants, and coffee. With 8 different serving areas, your customers will indulge in a unique taste experience by dipping pancakes, waffles,...
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Natural Wooden Kayak Plate

Kayak Plate Fastfood Serving Tray As Architab Brand specializing in the production of wooden plates, we are proud to present you a new model. The wooden boat plate offers an excellent option both aesthetically and functionally. These stylish wooden serving plates are made of specially dried solid pine wood and are among our natural wooden plate options....
Ahsap Sunumlar

Round Divided Wooden Serving Plate

Chocolate Plate Models Are you looking for a wooden serving plate for your home, office, cafe or restaurant? Check out our new Collection. If you wish, to offer candy chocolate during the holidays; Or you may want it to be part of your breakfast. Or a presentation equipment that will help you a lot while preparing tiny snacks for your children. You can...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Carved Wooden Serving Plate

Looking for different touches in wood? Be beautiful, be different, and be natural. Well then... Here is our wooden plate with geometric carvings on the top. Where can I use it? You can use our solid wood serving plate for catering presentations such as chocolate, candy and cookies, or you can combine it with dried flowers on the table to turn it into a...

Authentic Carved Natural Wood Plate

Are you looking for an authentic serving plate carved from natural woods? You will love our very stylish decorative wooden plates with different color options. You can use it in your dessert and snack presentations, or you can fill it with decorative objects and use it as a tabletop decor. You can combine it with old decors or with modern furniture....

Cookie Monster sugar bowl

We caught that famous pose of the cookie monster and left it to you to fill it. You can make your treats more enjoyable with our natural wooden decorative sugar bowl presentations. It is colored with water-based paints and is not harmful to health. You can gift it to anyone who grew up watching Sesame Street, and we can guarantee that they will love it.
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Wooden Dessert Serving Plate

Milk dessert - cup presentation plate to complete your delicious presentations in cafes, patisseries, dessert shops and homes. Natural wooden presentation plate that you can use for your cup desserts, glass desserts, milk desserts, ice cream desserts and for drinks. It provides great convenience in both the service of the desserts in your menu and the...

Are you looking for wooden plates for your dessert presentations?
How about crowning your delicious desserts with Architab Atelier wooden presentations?

Offer your customers a unique experience.
We design our wooden presentations to be 100% compatible with your existing porcelain, ceramic or glass equipment. In this way, you can have a brand new presentation just by adding wood to your equipment.

Allow your customers to have a unique experience with your unique taste by serving your treats on wood next to the menu.

Wooden presentations for your cup desserts.
Cups come to the fore with presentations these days when sweets and chocolates have become indispensable for all of us. We add elegance to your presentations by making designs suitable for the concept of your business on Wooden Presentations.

Wooden presentations for your ice cream services.
Fun wooden finishing presentations are at Architab Workshop.

Wooden presentations for milk desserts and treats.
Wooden designs that you can present with details such as spoons and napkins for milky desserts are in Architab.

Would you like us to make room for napkins and spoons next to your dessert?
We customize wooden presentations according to your demands. You can make a presentation on wood with your cup, spoon and napkin together. Moreover, we embroider your logo for free.

Cupcake wood servings
Fun wooden presentations for your cupcake services are on Architab.Net.

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