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Playstation 5 Joystick Stand

Are you looking for a special stand for the joystick of your game console? Are you looking for a very stylish idea that you can gift for yourself, your child or a friend? The best product that can be gifted to someone with a Playstation 5.
wooden toys

Wooden Ring Throwing Game

Natural Wooden Ring Throwing Game A great game with you where you will have a great time at home with your children. The ring throwing game not only improves the attention skills of children, but also enables them to make muscle movements. Children also contribute to the development of hand and eye coordination. It attracts the attention of children with...
wooden toys

Wooden Soccer Tactical Board Game

Natural Wood Desktop Football Tactical Game How would you like to spend your free time in a fun way with your family at home or with your team at work? We are all in a quest to minimize the time children spend in front of television, phone, tablet and computer. Check out our tactical toy that we have prepared so that they can develop more motor skills. It...
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Mini Weaving Loom Set

Let's See Tiny Hands! One of the important heritages of Turkish Culture is the art of weaving. How would you like to revive this legacy, which is still continuing from the past to the present? Rugs, carpets, throw pillows, wall panels, maybe a baby blanket... Useful for Children, How? This product, which is beneficial for the fine motor development of...
Weaving an Ancient Heritage Weaving; It is a traditional ancestral heritage that entered our culture centuries ago. The Turks used the flat weaving technique; They were used for the first time in the production of nomadic skins. Later, by making use of goat and sheep wool, it was used as ground cover, namely rugs, blankets and pillows. Although we get...
wooden toys

4x4 Matching Game

Are You Ready for Family Fun? Check out our two player strategy game that you can play as a family at home. A tabletop wooden strategy game designed entirely from wood and colored with water-based paints. With the cutthroat competition and strategic moves of two people, you will not be able to notice how the hours pass. If you think that your children...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Round Divided Wooden Serving Plate

Chocolate Plate Models Are you looking for a wooden serving plate for your home, office, cafe or restaurant? Check out our new Collection. If you wish, to offer candy chocolate during the holidays; Or you may want it to be part of your breakfast. Or a presentation equipment that will help you a lot while preparing tiny snacks for your children. You can...

Desktop No Smoking Sign

Looking for a no smoking sign to warn your guests? In non-smoking rooms of hotels or in all kinds of indoor places; Check out our tabletop wooden warning sign, where you can warn your guests that there is no smoking in this area. Thanks to its self-standing design, the no smoking warning sign is very stylish and useful. The Wifi Password area on the side...
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Arabic Vav Letter Desktop Decor Wood Carved

A decor with a led lamp that you can use for many years. The form of a human being in the mother's womb or the silhouette of a servant prostrated in the state of helplessness: Vav... The decency of a servant kneaded with ordeal, fixing his forehead on the prayer rug, reaching zero and reaching into eternity... All of them are true to the name "vav"! “Be...
Wall Decors

Vav letter decor carved from natural wood

A decor with a led lamp that you can use for many years. The form of a human being in the mother's womb or the silhouette of a servant prostrated in the state of helplessness: Vav... The decency of a servant kneaded with ordeal, fixing his forehead on the prayer rug, reaching zero and reaching into eternity... All of them are true to the name "vav"! “Be...
wooden toys

Vegetables fruits memory game

Wooden memory game with vegetables and fruits theme. Kids and kids, here is a very nice matching game that will appeal to everyone. If you want to do fun activities with your children and teach new information while playing with them, our wooden toys are just for you. Children, who you think are holding on to their tablet and phone, start playing games...
Decorative Ornaments

Marine-themed wooden wall decor

A very stylish sailor concept wall decor for your nursery, baby room or office. You can add this product, which is carefully decorated with natural wooden shovels and bagels, among your gift ideas. Thanks to the natural and strong structure of wood, you can use it for many years without getting old. These decors, which will never go out of fashion,...
Decorative Ornaments

Baby is sleeping

Are you just days away from your baby's birth? Or has it already arrived? A newborn baby means new hopes and happiness for all of us. If a loved one or a relative has just had a baby, we stand in line to see it and inhale its heavenly scent. But getting a newborn baby to sleep is sometimes really difficult. A hard-sleeping baby can wake up very easily,...

Are you looking for wooden decorative products for your newborn baby or for your child's room?

You can find different stylish and design natural wood products for children's room wall accessories, baby room wall frames and our most valuable assets in this world at Architab Atelier.

Check out our collection of stylish and special decorative products designed for baby and children's rooms.

You can find our interesting designs among baby room accessories.

Looking for birth gifts for newborn babies?

A new member coming to your family? How exciting is that, isn't it? It is not only parents who are happy with the arrival of a new individual. Close relatives also sail to happiness and hope with the arrival of this little friend.

Grandparents, uncles, aunts, uncles, aunts, we can enter into a race to get the best gift for the new family member... We know that no one can stop us...

So what can we really get for this new baby? Diapers are definitely one of the first gifts that come to our minds and we should definitely talk to the mother and find out which brand she is planning to use. As you know, the most newborn baby needs diapers. But do you think they can get rid of us with a single rag? Of course no. We will definitely want to leave a memory for this miraculous baby...

Let's examine together the wooden decorative products prepared by Architab workshop designers, each more stylish than the other and adding color to the baby's room.

Special design natural wooden door ornaments for children and baby rooms.

Whether door decorations, baby room door; If you want, it can be a nice welcome for the children's room door or even for the outer door of the house.

Decor objects with their stylish and sweet designs will make the first visitors of this little person who has just opened their eyes to the world smile at the entrance of the house and the room, and your baby's happiness will be multiplied with this beautiful expression on their faces.

Decor objects for baby boys and decor items for baby girls are often separated by color. Considering the needs of mothers in Architab Atelier designs, we ensure that new mothers-to-be can buy stylish products online from our store, without leaving their homes.

Mashallah baby...

We are a nation that believes in evil eye. We are very afraid that the baby will be touched by the evil eye, but for some reason, we cannot stop ourselves when the evil eye of the parents is the most... How can a small person not be loved? You know, you can't be like your own baby... Check out Architab workshop natural wood Mashallah articles with stylish designs. They will go very well with the baby room!

If you wish, visitors can read the text as they enter, thanks to the models that you can hang on the door of the baby room.

Attention baby is sleeping!

How difficult is it to put a newborn baby to sleep, isn't it? Would you like the doorbell ringing to wake the baby, who wakes up every 45 minutes and is put back to sleep with great effort after his needs are met? Believe me, you do not want to do this evil to a mother who has been sleepless for days... The baby you will put on the outside is asleep, we aimed to reduce these accidents thanks to the texts, don't press the bell. You can present these warning texts, which the users like very much, for newborn babies. These products, which are made of natural wood, can be easily adhered to steel doors thanks to their magnets.

birth certificate

The most frequently asked questions to the mother who gave birth are together... Wooden birth certificate where you can print her weight, height, day and time of birth and other information. You can keep these designs that we prepared on natural wood for many years. While using it as a beautiful decor for your guests in the first days of your baby, as your child grows, it can decorate the most beautiful part of your home and accompany nice conversations.

Are you looking for wall decor for children's home baby rooms?

You have painted the walls with a pastel color for your baby, you are trying to create the baby room in your mind by carefully choosing the objects, toys and decors. Stylish and natural wooden products that will make your work easier are at Architab. Thanks to the wall decorations we designed from natural wood for children's and baby rooms, we make this difficult task much easier.

Retro wind in baby rooms with wooden mobiles.

As the wooden mobiles rotate in the baby's room, the clicks of the wood will give your baby peace. A full retro wind will be blowing in your baby's room with its completely natural nature and the charm of colors.

Natural wooden games and toys.

You can find toys produced with natural wood and completely healthy water-based paints for your baby among Architab Atelier designs. Check out our website where you will find wooden matching games, figures, animals, wooden puzzles and much more.

We enable you to buy real wooden children's and baby room designs at very affordable prices by placing them directly on our website from the workshop. Add the architab workshop website to your favourites, for the products you will buy without any middlemen and shops.

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