Wooden Furniture

CoffeeVessel Wooden Coffee Bar

Architab Coffee Corner With its aesthetic design and functionality, elevates your coffee experience to the next level. Crafted from pine wood, this elegant corner unit measures 151 cm in height, 83 cm in width, and 41.5 cm in depth, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. The machine placement area, measuring 42x39 cm, is equipped with LED lighting...
Architab Fairy Chimneys Inspired Wooden LED Desk Lamp is designed drawing inspiration from Cappadocia's famous fairy chimneys. This lamp, resembling a semi-circle, features LED lighting inside that is controlled by magnetized balls, creating a magical effect. When the separate balls suspended by fishing lines approach each other, the lamp illuminates....
candle holders

Wooden Lantern Candle Holder Set

Architab Wooden Lantern Candle Holder Set - Bring Light and Warmth As Architab, we offer specially designed products to help you fill your home and living spaces with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our latest collection, the Wooden Lantern Candle Holder Set, stands out with its aesthetic design and functionality. You can watch the product video we...
religious products

Wooden Wall Shelf and Hanger

Wall Mounted Multi-Purpose Wooden Hanger You can mount it on the wall of your home or workplace, whether you want a keychain or; A tidy shelf system where you can put your prayer tools such as prayer rugs, cheesecloth, rosary, prayer rugs, the Quran or the book you frequently read on the shelf. It is a very stylish product to gift to your loved ones.
Wooden Furniture

Playstation 5 Joystick Stand

Are you looking for a special stand for the joystick of your game console? Are you looking for a very stylish idea that you can gift for yourself, your child or a friend? The best product that can be gifted to someone with a Playstation 5.
Wooden Furniture

Natural Wooden Dresser

Are you looking for a different dresser model? If you are looking for a custom-made wooden dresser rather than the same products, check out the Architab Atelier collection. With its elegant design and useful dimensions; It will change the atmosphere of your home or workplace.
Ahsap Sunumlar

Classic Turned Foot Tray

Classic Lovers Are You Here? Here is a tray just for you! While our solid wood carved tray will take you back to the old days, the naturalness and warmth of wood will surround you in the area you will use. It is easy to grasp and very stylish with its tiny lathe feet. The usage area is up to you! You can use it as a table, coffee table, dresser-top...
Wall Decors

Paintings of Famous Painters

Paintings of famous painters engraved on wood frame and wood In our collection, you can find models of the most famous works of world-renowned painters with thick frames engraved on wood. The paintings, all of which we have embroidered on wood, will add elegance to your spaces for many years. Even if your space is decorated in a modern way, you can use...
Wall Decors

tile patterned mirror

Are you looking for a stylish mirror that will show itself on the wall you hang with its weight? Check out our wooden decorative Ottoman mirror model decorated with examples of the famous Ottoman tile art. Mirrors you've looked at before look big on the internet but look small in your home? Architab workshop designs do not mislead you! You buy a real wall...
Wooden Osman Hamdi Bey Paintings If you are looking for retro wooden paintings, check out the products we prepared from Ottoman period paintings. Attention please! The prints of the pictures in our paintings are printed on real wood. Thank you for not making comparisons with ephemeral canvas paintings. Our tables, which are in AA quality furniture class,...
Tumbled Table with Thick Frame, All Made of Wood Check out our carpenter-themed natural wood table. Are you looking for a replica of vintage design and old paintings for your space? By examining our collection, you can order different paintings that will add elegance to your space. Check out Architab Atelier products for hotel paintings, decorative...
A special gift for those who love to use watches Are you looking for products that your loved ones will enjoy using while buying gifts? Check out Architab Atelier gift products. Thanks to our customizable natural wood products, gifts that will remind you of your loved ones for a lifetime are here. Those who like to use watches value their watches. Our...
Adjustable Book Tables

Temayüz adjustable reading table

Architab Workshop Temayüz Working Table Distinguishment literally means: "Do not become superior to your peers, stand out among them, become distinguished." means. Our purpose in naming this product is that it has more features than its counterparts and offers many options to its users. Let's get to know our extra-adjusted reading table made of natural...
Inkwell and dip The word inkwell, which means “small box” in Arabic, is commonly used for bowl-shaped vessels for ink. The word divit, which comes from devât, became the name of the writing set consisting of an inkwell, pen and pencil holder in Turkish. Today, the inkwell is used by a certain number of calligraphers. Examples of old inkwells have taken...
Phone Holders

Rainbow Phone Holder

Rainbow Patterns One of the rising decoration elements of recent times is the rainbow. Let us give you an example of these colorful patterns that we come across in many areas from bedding to pillows, from wall decorations to upholstery fabrics. Rainbow also suits our wooden stands that we have prepared for phone and tablet use. These stands, which you can...
religious products

Natural Wood Carved Ayat al Kursi Decor

Decorative Natural Wood Ayet-el Kursi It is a stylish and decorative product, it brings the warmth of wood to its environment. You can use it in your living room, workplace or office. It is a very stylish product to present to your loved ones. If you are thinking of what to buy as a new house gift, you can make your loved ones happy with the natural...
Phone Holders

Tea Design Wooden Phone Holder

Tea Printed Wooden Phone Stand Are you also a tea lover? We seem to hear you say you can't do it if it's not during the day. Then this tea-designed wooden phone stand is special for you. It is a product that will make it very easy to use the phone both at home and while working. Our phone or tablet holder designed entirely from natural wood. The image on...
Phone and Tablet Stand

Natural Wood Phone Holder With Cactus Design

Cactus Design Wooden Phone Stand If you want different gift alternatives for your loved ones and friends, here is our new product for you. Our phone or tablet holder designed entirely from natural wood. It looks very stylish with its colorful appearance and design, but it will add the warmth of the wood to the environment. The image on it will never be...
Phone Holders

Wooden Tree Phone Stand

Natural Wood Phone Holder With Tree Design For those who love nature and green and want to feel the peace it gives, I suggest you take a look at our tree model phone stand. As you use it, you will understand how necessary a tool our phone stands, which will fit into your office and home environment, are actually. You can be sure that your work will be...
Pencil case

Unicorn Design Pen Holder

Unicorn Pen Holder The unicorns that everyone likes, big and small, are now in our pencil holders. Check out our pen holder models that you can use comfortably in the office or at home. It is quite different from other pen holder models with its color, texture and appearance. Our wooden pen holder model is produced from specially dried solid wood....
Wall Decors

Carved Wooden Ladder Shelf

Wooden Ladder Rack Check out our carved staircase design, all made of natural wood. You can use the warmth of natural wood in your home, office or in the decoration of your businesses such as hotels and cafes. You can use it as a towel holder in the bathrooms of hotels and houses, for various purposes such as bookshelves and flower beds in workplaces...
Adjustable Book Tables

Wooden Adjustable Laptop - Tablet Stand

Laptop, Tablet and Book Table With the developing technology, the electronic devices we use the most are probably phones, tablets and laptops. We spend so much time with these electronic devices that take place in our hands, on our desks and on our laps to benefit from video and social media, both for work and in daily life, that many of us eventually...
tea plates

Gingham Tea plate

Gingham Patterned Wooden Tea Plate gingham! It is both a sport and a classic pattern that never goes out of style. When combined with tea, don't you immediately think of a breakfast table or an afternoon tea photo frame? These cute patterns appeal to all tea lovers, big and small. You can use our wooden gingham plate not only for tea, but also for...
Pencil case

Cactus Pencil Holder

CACTUS MODEL WOODEN PEN HOLDER Who doesn't love nature, trees, flowers! Flowers that enchant us all with the colors they offer and the wonderful scents they spread. Yes, they are very beautiful in nature, but what about in pots? Flower care is a job that requires serious dedication, watering with certain periods, keeping it in the shade or sun, changing...

Natural wooden designs that you can present to your loved ones on their birthday.

What is a birthday present for men?

The people we have the most difficulty in buying gifts are always men. The question of what gift to buy for our boyfriend, lover, colleague and even our father has always been the most difficult.

Our wooden designs are appreciated by men. Especially a wooden design that he can use at work will always attract a lot of attention.

You can also examine the products we have designed for use in the office environment. Table name tags, office trays and other products can be one of the ideal types as a gift.

When evaluating gift alternatives;

Wood is long-lasting by nature and is the only material that will never go out of fashion. Wood is the only product that has been kept by people for centuries. We can say that there is a wood product in our lives almost every moment.

Architab workshop designs are produced from quality woods and are protected against scratches and deformation with two layers of reinforced varnish. In this way, it can be used for many years. Your gift will remind you for many years...

Adding meaning to a birthday present...

Our congratulations to the person whose birthday we celebrate is always to have a long and healthy life. It is very important for a person to be happy and always collect good memories.

On your birthday, you give a gift to your loved one without expecting anything in return. This is the result of a very pure feeling... Being happy for the day your spouse, mother, father, sibling or friend was born is very emotional for both you and him. That's why it is perhaps the most important gift to surprise your loved one and make them feel that this feeling will last a long time on their birthday. Crown this special day with long-lasting wooden designs that will make them remember this day for many years.

No matter what stage of our life we are in, birthdays that remind us of the beauty of life over and over again gain meaning only to the extent that we can be together with our loved ones.

For most of us, the best birthday is perhaps a small celebration, a congratulatory message from an unexpected person, or a warm gift that fills us with happiness.

The best birthday gifts are undoubtedly none other than those focused on love and effort. Sometimes even small and modest birthday gifts create great happiness and enthusiasm because they contain a lot of effort and creativity.

The birthday ritual, which is a very old tradition in which aging is celebrated not with bitterness but with great energy, has been moved to a completely different dimension today. The birthday, which was seen as a luxury for many in the past, is celebrated in much more organized and much more comprehensive ways today. Of course, the influence of social media is undeniable.

In this period when we are competing to buy original birthday gifts for our loved ones, sometimes we have difficulty in finding the most original, witty and happy gift. With its workshop designs, Architab offers you the best answers to the question of "what to buy for your birthday", which you start to look for more anxiously as the birthdays of your loved ones approach.

Gifts for family members.

Our family's birthdays are definitely the most important ones. In the face of the chaos of life; There is no doubt that our most important organic bond that educates us and prepares us for this mess is our family.

If you want to leave a mark on the birthdays of your parents or siblings and to receive surprise birthday gifts, our wooden designs produced from trees that hold on to life with a tight bond like family are just for you.

The gifts you will buy for family members will usually make a lasting impression, as they will be in a corner of your home, in front of your eyes. For this reason, the longer a gift you choose, the longer it will help you remember this special day...

With the texture of wood and the peace it gives to people...

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