sesame street themed brooches
sesame street themed brooches
sesame street themed brooches
sesame street themed brooches

sesame street themed brooches

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Are you from the generation that lives on Sesame Street?

We know that it is still broadcast on American-based television channels, but the fact that a generation grew up watching these wonderful characters is touching. Their cute and friendly characters make one question today's cartoons.

You can easily attach the brooches, which you can buy in 8 packs, to your bag or your clothes. You can hang it on curtains or cork boards as decorative.

All are colored using water-based paints on natural wood. The woods are laser shaped and free of splinter residue.

You can surprise your loved ones who know these characters by gifting them.


Set of 8 brooch sesame street themed.

  • It is 4.5mm thick.
  • It is produced from specially dried, natural woods.
  • It has dimensions of 3.5 x 3.5 cm.
  • Colored with water-based paints
  • Cut with laser technology. Does not contain splinter residue.
  • There is absolutely no fading, coming off or flowing in printing.
  • 8 different characters are offered for sale in a pack.

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We can prepare our designs specifically for companies. For example, we can embroider your business logo on products by printing, laser engraving or engraving. We can resize it to suit your intended use.

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