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Hotel Room Trays

Hotel Room Catering Tray

Looking for natural wood trays for your hotel room treats? Do you want your kettle and treats to be located and to match your decor with the warm colors of wood? Reduce the clutter in your rooms while providing a more elegant experience for your customers. Your kettle stays in a fixed place in the room and you prevent unwanted accidents. It is easy to...

Wooden Hotel Keychains

You have a hotel and you still can't decide for a keychain? If you want it to be both stylish and useful, we say take a look at our key chains. If you are tired of the classic keychains, these keychains are just for you for a natural and warm look. Our key chain model that we have made for boutique hotels of Cappadocia, later on, it blended perfectly with...
Hotel Door Numbers

Wooden illuminated hotel room door number

Are you looking for natural wood light door number for your hotel? Architab atelier produces equipment specially for concept hotels. With our illuminated door number designs, you can help your customers find their room comfortably. In this design, which is positioned horizontally on natural wood, we offer a combination of low electricity use and a...
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