Hotel Decoration Reflecting the Spirit of Cappadocia with Solid Wooden Furniture

Warm Harmony of Natural Rocks and Wood

The Warm Harmony of Natural Rocks and Wood: A magnificent meeting of history and nature is experienced in the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia. The rooms carved into the rocks reflect the mystical spirit of the region and take guests on a journey in the footsteps of the past. It is precisely in this magical atmosphere that a unique harmony emerges between the rock-carved rooms and solid wooden furniture. While each room respects the unique rock formations of Cappadocia, it creates a warm and stylish atmosphere with the solid wooden furniture inside. While solid wood carved headboards dance with the natural patterns of the rock, detailed Turkish motifs on the wardrobe doors add a unique aesthetic to the rooms. Inside the rock-carved rooms, jacuzzis combined with the warm touches of wooden furniture offer authentic luxury. At the same time, solid wooden bedside tables, coffee table-style open cabinets and specially designed capsule coffee corners that appear in every corner of the rooms bring comfort and elegance together. This unique harmony combines the mystical atmosphere of Cappadocia with a modern touch. Solid wooden furniture is in perfect harmony with the natural beauty of the rock-carved rooms, leaving unforgettable memories for every guest. In the magical world of Cappadocia, in these rooms where history and nature embrace, comfort and aesthetics come together and offer guests an unforgettable experience.

As Architab, we have completely renovated our "Lost City Cappadocia" hotel with solid wooden hotel furniture that we designed in accordance with the unique nature of Cappadocia. This unique collection, which we brought together with Interior Architect İlknur ERDEN's original designs and our mastery, sets a new standard in the hotel industry.

Cappadocia Hotel Furniture with Photos

Aesthetics and Comfort in Hotel Rooms: Solid Wooden Bed Bases and Headboards

Our solid wood carved bed bases and headboards reflect the mystical atmosphere of Cappadocia and offer our guests an unforgettable accommodation experience. At the same time, the special mosquito nets used in the rock-carved rooms prioritize the comfort of our guests by offering both an aesthetic and practical solution.

Visual Richness and Functionality: Customized Cabinets and Nightstands

Customized cabinets and bedside tables that we design according to the characteristics of each room make the interior of our hotel unique. Carved covers and ergonomic designs adorned with horse motifs offer both visual richness and practical use.

Spaciousness and Elegance: Open Cabinets and Jacuzzi Side Arrangements

Open wardrobes without doors, which we designed to add spaciousness to rooms too small to fit a wardrobe, make the interior of the rooms look larger and offer a comfortable accommodation space to our guests. Our jacuzzi side arrangements add warmth and luxury to the environment with wooden paneling and natural decorative stones.

Customer Satisfaction and Innovation: Coffee Corners and Capsule Coffee Machines

Capsule coffee machines and coffee corners, which we designed by prioritizing customer satisfaction, offer our guests a special area where they can relax with the unique view of Cappadocia. At the same time, we provide our guests with the comfort of home with our hotel-type minibars.

Nature and Functionality: Wooden Door Numbers and Towel Racks

While our wooden door numbers ensure that our guests can easily find themselves in every room of our hotel, our specially designed wooden towel racks ensure that clean towels are easily accessible.

Meeting of Technology and Traditional Art: Colorful and Three-Dimensional Wood Carving Technique

The colorful and three-dimensional wardrobe doors we produce with the new technique we use on wardrobe doors combine traditional Turkish motifs with the art of carving with a modern approach. With these special design details, our hotel brings together both technology and hand craftsmanship.

A New Dimension in Hotel Management in Cappadocia: Architab Atölye Signature


As Architab Atölye, we are setting a new standard in the hotel industry. We make our guests experience the mystical atmosphere and unique nature of Cappadocia with our solid wooden furniture. If you want to move your hotel to the magical world of Cappadocia, do not forget to contact us. // Whatsapp: 0384 219 33 00 

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