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Stylish and Useful Tipping Boxes with Three-Dimensional Logo Design for Your Business

What does tip box mean? A tip is the extra fee employees in the service industry receive from customers in exchange for their quality service. The special boxes in which these fees are collected are called tip boxes. Architab offers stylish and useful tip boxes with three-dimensional logo design for your business. In countries like Turkey, where tip is not paid within the account, these boxes are really important for employees. So, when does the tip box open and what does the tip box mean? In this article, we will examine the manufacturing stages and features of Architab's round tip boxes.

Are you looking for a Name-Specific Piggy Bank?

You can use our Architab Atelier tip box designs as piggy banks that we have prepared specially for your name. Thanks to the key lock on the back of these boxes, which you can present to your loved ones as a very stylish gift, your children can gain the habit of saving money.

Order and Logo Submission:

After customers place their tip box orders on Architab's website, they should send their logos as vector drawings in PDF format to e-mail address. How to write tipbox? This word is an English term that is formed by combining the words "type" and "box" and means tip box.

CNC Carving Process:

A special design for the customer's logo is prepared, and it is engraved with CNC machines. In this way, the customer logo is embossed in three dimensions.

Sanding and Digital Printing:

The tip boxes, which are carved in CNC machines, are sanded by hand. Afterwards, the cleaned trees are colored with digital printing and the logo is restored to its original colors.

Joining and Tightening Process:

The tip box, which consists of 6 different 20cm diameter trees, is combined at this stage. The process of squeezing the trees together is also done by hand.

Varnish Stage:

2 coats of anti-scratch varnish is applied to the tip boxes. The varnish process takes 3 days, including drying times.

Accessories and Assembly:

The accessories of the product, such as its special foot and the TYPE BOX text on the top, are mounted. Then the product is packaged and delivered to the cargo.


15 working days are requested from the customers for all these transactions. Within this period, the products are prepared and delivered to their addresses by cargo.

Tip Box Design and Models:

The round design of Architab tip boxes is very interesting and is appreciated by customers. We can also touch on different topics such as tip box articles, metal type box and what is medicine box. Tip boxes can be produced in a variety of sizes and materials. Architab offers different models such as Tip Box Large Size and Tip Box Box.

Pricing and Quality:

Architab offers affordable options for tip box prices. The products are in AA quality furniture class and can be used for years like a wooden table. In this way, the tip collection process of businesses becomes more elegant and useful.

Why Should You Prefer Architab Tip Boxes?

With Tip Box Models and round design, Architab tip boxes reflect the quality of service provided by businesses to their customers. It also allows your employees to collect and keep their tips in an organized manner. Thanks to the three-dimensional logo design and digital printing in true colors, the brand identity of your business also comes to the fore.

Tip boxes are an essential tool for service industry workers and businesses. Architab offers stylish and useful tip boxes to meet the needs of businesses. You can use the link below to order and get more information.

Tip Boxes

Natural wooden logo custom tip box tipbox

The tip boxes that we have specially designed for the Cafe Restaurant and Hotel logo attract a lot of attention. They are unique because your logo is in the foreground. They are created by combining carving, relief, burning and printing techniques on natural wood. It is a machine-assisted handcraft product. It is a long process and as a result of this...
Tip Boxes

RETRO TV Tipbox / piggy bank

You can use tipbox as a tip box in cafes and restaurants. Our product, which encourages you to save money as a family, can also be used as a piggy bank with a customizable feature. You can print your special family photo on the screen and use it as a frame in this way. You will love this product that we have prepared by combining the design of natural...

The round design of our tip boxes attracts a lot of attention. Tips, which are an important source of motivation for employees, are not forgotten thanks to these stylish and attractive boxes. For those who are wondering what type box means; type box is an expression used with the same meaning as tip box. Tipbox is the English name of these boxes and can be written as "Tip Box".

As for the question of when the tip box opens; it can usually be opened at the end of the day or during the change of shifts. Tip box posts are an important source of feedback for employees and business owners.

There are tip boxes in different models and materials such as metal type boxes, medicine boxes in the market. However, Architab stands out with its designs made of natural pine wood, special designs for customer logos and quality materials. Our products in different sizes and models such as Tip Box Large Size, Tip Box Box are designed according to the needs of businesses.

You can visit our website for tip box prices and tip box models, examine our products and place your orders easily. Architab works to provide you with the best service at the point where quality and design meet.

A tip is a small payment left by customers in the service industry to show their satisfaction and thank employees. Especially in countries like Turkey where tip is not paid within the account, tip boxes are of great importance for employees. So what does the tip box mean and why is it so important? In this article, we tried to explain in detail the high quality tip boxes produced by our Architab brand and the manufacturing process of these boxes. I hope that we have been able to convey to you how much importance we have prepared for Architab Atelier designs.

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