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Ahsap Sunumlar

Organic form tea serving plate

Check out our wooden plate collection that will crown your tea pleasure. The longest lasting gift that can be given to someone who loves tea. Are you looking for a special wooden plate for your beverage and treat presentations? In the Architab workshop collection, you can find wooden plates that are compatible with all your beverage presentations, but;...
Turkish coffee presentations

Ottoman Turkish coffee wooden presentation

Do you not remember which coffee was plain and which was medium sugar? Put an end to this stress now with our Turkish coffee presentations produced with special apparatus so that the coffees do not mix.Wooden services that will complete your delicious tea and coffee presentations at your home, cafe or restaurant are in the Architab workshop. In the...
Decorative Ornaments

Wooden Dessert Serving Plate

Milk dessert - cup presentation plate to complete your delicious presentations in cafes, patisseries, dessert shops and homes. Natural wooden presentation plate that you can use for your cup desserts, glass desserts, milk desserts, ice cream desserts and for drinks. It provides great convenience in both the service of the desserts in your menu and the...
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