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Ahsap Sunumlar

Divided Square Wooden Serving Plate

Square Wooden Divided Plate Are you looking for my compartmented presentation plate made of natural wood? Check out our 30x30cm split free serving plates. Your presentations are now much more delicious with wooden plates that you can use at home, in the office, in cafes and restaurants. Thanks to its free space, it offers a wide variety of usage areas....
Presentation Equipment

leaf plate

While dieting, your stomach may not be full, but no one can say that you should not be full! You can make your diet more enjoyable with a stylish wooden plate. You can both eat healthy and be happy while preparing and consuming your plate. You can also serve your cookies and nuts to your guests with our wooden plate presentations. Your wooden plate in...

Natural Wood Cookie Plates

If you like small snacks but don't want them all to mix sweet/salty in the same plate, we have the perfect snack plates for you. It consists of 7 hexagonal plates that are fully seated in the tray. It can be used separately or you can carry them all in one tray. Your nuts will be very special! You can serve 7 nuts on a single tray to your guests. How...
breakfast plates

Wooden Tray Self Service Tray

Looking for a self-service tray from Wooden Plate? Wooden serving tray prices may vary depending on the dimensions of the designed product and the type of wood used. You can get an idea about the price range by examining the Architab workshop collection. You can find the most suitable model for your cafe restaurant by examining our wooden fastfood...
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