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Wooden Spices

Extra wooden spice set

Cafe Restaurant Type Wooden Spice Set You can find stylish spice sets in our cafe and restaurant equipment category. If you run a restaurant that serves meat; Apart from the standard spices such as salt and pepper, you may also want to serve chili pepper and thyme. It is a very stylish set with extra spices that we have specially prepared for such...
Wooden Spices

Natural wooden salt and pepper shakers

Decorative natural wood salt and pepper shakers With the natural wooden salt shakers designed by Architab, your dampened salt problem will no longer exist. By its nature, wood absorbs moisture and prevents salt from becoming a ball. In this way, it is much more useful than porcelain salt shakers that you have to clean by spending long shifts. It is...
Wooden sugar bowl, salt shaker and table number in one, special design for your logo Wooden sugar bowl, salt shaker and table number in one, special design for your logo 2
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Table Top Equipments

Wooden Desktop set-up salt shaker sugar bowl

Wooden table top cafe / restaurant set-up, our table number design Table top design is very important for cafes and restaurants. Many businesses find it difficult to put together compatible equipment and there is unnecessary crowding and incompatibility on the table. With natural wood desktop equipment designed by Architab Atelier, we bring solutions...
Wooden Stick Sugar Bowl

Wooden Stick Sugar Bowl and Napkin Holder

Looking for a Multifunctional Sugar Stick? Check out our tabletop sugar bowl model. You can also use our model, which you can use as a wooden cafe type napkin holder, to put your menus if you wish. You can also see our models with spice holders by examining our cafe sugar bowl collection. Our wooden stick sugar bowl model is compatible with all stick...
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