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Feel the Effect of Architab Turkish Tile Art on Your Wooden Mirrors

The place of mirrors in home decoration is very important. We can add a different dimension to the decoration of our rooms with mirrors that we will hang on our walls. But if you are tired of ordinary mirrors, we have a great alternative for you: Wooden Framed Tile Mirrors!

In our country, tiles are produced in many regions, especially in Iznik, Kütahya and Istanbul. Turkish tile art is recognized around the world with its traditional tile art, classical tile patterns and ethnic patterns. Here, as Architab, we brought these beautiful tile patterns together with wooden mirrors.

The tiles used in our mirrors are Iznik tiles, one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish tile art. Iznik tiles were used in the decoration of architectural structures such as palaces, mosques and tombs during the Ottoman period. In our wooden framed Architab mirrors, these beautiful tile patterns meet with a modern approach.

Tile prices usually vary according to the features and quality of the product. However, our products offer an affordable and quality alternative. Although we have a slightly higher price range compared to plastic mirror frame prices, we offer a long-lasting, natural and durable product.

Our products are among the tile mirror models on Pinterest. In addition, you can find detailed information such as tile mirror prices and mirror frame meter prices on our website. In our wooden framed mirrors, different tile sizes and tile mirror edge patterns are also available.

Our products are also among the tree-framed mirror models. Our wood-framed mirrors not only have a natural and rustic look, but also adapt to any decoration style with different size and pattern options. Our products, which are more durable than ceramic mirror frame models, offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

The tiles used in our wooden mirrors allow you to create a different style with the tiled wooden mirror and mosaic mirror options.

Wood-framed mirrors can be the perfect piece to complement a room's decor. For this reason, we would like to introduce you this framed mirror that we have produced specially.

The frame of the mirror, which stands out with our quality of workmanship, is made entirely of natural pine wood. The outer dimension is 77x87 cm and the depth of the frame is 4 cm. Inside the frame, there are wooden tiles specially prepared in Architab workshops with Iznik tiles pattern. The size of each tile is 10x10 cm and contains 22 tiles in total. These tiles reflect the classic patterns of traditional tile art.

The size of the mirror located inside the frame is 34x44 cm. This mirror is also decorated with Kütahya tiles, one of the leading regions of Turkish tile art.

The thickness of the wooden frame is 8.5 cm, which means that the mirror is surrounded by a rather large frame. The edge of the mirror is patterned and reflects an ethnic style. This mirror was designed by Architab as a mosaic mirror that stands out especially with the unique patterns of the tiles and its natural wooden frame.

Also, this mirror has a very affordable price per meter and is also more affordable than plastic mirror frame prices. If you want to buy, you can easily order from our website www.architab.net or our physical store.

We do our best to provide you with the best service. To learn more about mirror prices and models, you can browse through the tile mirror models on Pinterest or contact us.

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