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Presentation Equipment

PatchWork Serving Wooden Plate

Are you looking for a natural wood serving plate with a handle? Thanks to its ergonomic handle and large serving bowl, you can make a wide variety of presentations with this plate. You can use the wooden presentation plate designed in rainbow colors comfortably in cafes, restaurants or at home. It is a stylish equipment for all kinds of presentations. It...
fastfood plates

Pita Serving Board

Pita Serving Board Check out our wooden serving board with a very stylish design that you can use as a hamburger serving tray. These products, which we prepared from natural wood, are serving plates. You can examine our presentation plate models in categories. You can examine different models for home use and cafe restaurant use. You can decorate your...
Wooden Menus

Wooden Menu Board

What is a Wooden Menu? Check out our A5 size wooden menu design suitable for Cafe Restaurant and Hotel use Instead of printing new menus for the products you add and remove from your menus every year or at certain intervals, your costs will be reduced by 80% thanks to this menu container, which you can use for many years by changing only 1 page For...
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