Tea and Coffee Cabinet

Check out our Architab Atelier designed tea and coffee cabinet product made of natural wood.

Are you looking for an organized cabinet to hold your tea and coffee while hosting your guests in the office?

You can easily store your kettle, capsule coffee machine, filter coffee machine and even your Turkish coffee machine in this cabinet.

It provides you an ergonomic usage area thanks to its drawer machine storage area.

Thanks to the multiple socket system in the cabinet, the problem of the cables of your machines reaching your socket is eliminated.

Whether you use your cardboard cups or your cups. There is an area that you can use to the full for all your catering equipment.

You can easily store your treats such as wooden mixers, stick candies, napkins, cardboard cup lids and even chocolate Turkish delight.

Thanks to its completely closing design, it does not get dust inside. The tea and coffee stacking area on the top cover helps you stack multiple products.

You can order the wooden tea and coffee catering cabinet through our website.

Whatsapp: +90 384 219 33 00

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