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Architab Coffee Corner: Aesthetic Design and Functionality

Architab Coffee Corner is a marvel of design made of natural pine wood. It adds elegant elegance to any space with its elegant details and functionality. With its height of 151 cm, width of 83 cm and depth of 41.5 cm, this corner unit not only prepares coffee but also adds an eye-catching decorative element to your space.

Perfect Coffee Machine Space:

One of the most notable features of the Architab Coffee Corner is the excellent coffee machine area with a width of 42 cm, a depth of 39 cm and a height of 63 cm. This area also has LED lighting, ensuring perfect illumination at all times.

Artistic Touch with Wooden Reliefs:

Architab Coffee Corner is decorated with wooden relief writings. This detail adds a handcrafted and artistic touch to the product. These reliefs, emphasizing the natural beauty of wood, bear the traces of craftsmanship and care in every fine detail.

Organized Shelf Systems:

3 different shelves inside the product allow you to store capsule coffees regularly. However, thanks to the drawer space, you can keep your tea bags or stick candy in an orderly manner.

Upper Shelves and Lower Large Shelf:

While the Architab Coffee Corner has large shelf areas at the bottom, there are extra shelves at the top to organize your coffee equipment. The large shelf at the bottom can be used as a minibar if desired, so cold water and other beverages are always at hand.

Compatible with Various Coffee Machines:

Nespresso, fully automatic coffee machines, filter coffee machines, Turkish coffee machines or small espresso machines; Architab Coffee Corner offers a suitable usage area for all types of coffee machines.

Perfect Use in Every Place:

From homes to offices, from workplaces to hotel suites, the Architab Coffee Corner can be used easily in any space.

Architab Coffee Corner,

By combining aesthetics and functionality, it takes your coffee experience to the next level. This elegant corner unit made of natural pine wood bears the traces of craftsmanship in every detail. Discover your coffee pleasure with this corner unit that is every coffee lover's dream!

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