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Two-Tier Wooden Presentation

Architab: Where Elegance Meets Wood Elevate your presentation with this exquisite pine wood plate set, meticulously designed for perfection. Its dual-tiered structure combines a 22cm diameter top plate with a 28cm diameter bottom plate, elegantly supported by three wooden legs. Whether it's fruits, cookies, or breakfast delights, Architab brings...
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Natural Wooden Kayak Plate

Kayak Plate Fastfood Serving Tray As Architab Brand specializing in the production of wooden plates, we are proud to present you a new model. The wooden boat plate offers an excellent option both aesthetically and functionally. These stylish wooden serving plates are made of specially dried solid pine wood and are among our natural wooden plate options....
Ahsap Sunumlar

Round Divided Wooden Serving Plate

Chocolate Plate Models Are you looking for a wooden serving plate for your home, office, cafe or restaurant? Check out our new Collection. If you wish, to offer candy chocolate during the holidays; Or you may want it to be part of your breakfast. Or a presentation equipment that will help you a lot while preparing tiny snacks for your children. You can...
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Wooden Snack Compartment Serving Plate

Wooden Snack Bowl With our cookie plate designed from natural wood, you can now serve the treats you prepare for your guests or; You don't have to deal with more than one plate while preparing a snack at home in front of the TV. With our partitioned wooden serving plate model, you can easily separate your treats from each other and prepare a pleasant...
breakfast plates

Wooden Tray Self Service Tray

Looking for a self-service tray from Wooden Plate? Wooden serving tray prices may vary depending on the dimensions of the designed product and the type of wood used. You can get an idea about the price range by examining the Architab workshop collection. You can find the most suitable model for your cafe restaurant by examining our wooden fastfood...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Divided Square Wooden Serving Plate

Square Wooden Divided Plate Are you looking for my compartmented presentation plate made of natural wood? Check out our 30x30cm split free serving plates. Your presentations are now much more delicious with wooden plates that you can use at home, in the office, in cafes and restaurants. Thanks to its free space, it offers a wide variety of usage areas....
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Oval single breakfast plate

Single oval shaped natural wooden breakfast serving plates design. It is true that there are breakfast-lovers among us just as much as the hobbits. We love to turn breakfast into a ceremony. Everything should look fresh and stylish in our breakfast. In fact, we often color the breakfast dishes, which we drizzle with olive oil, with spices and add flavor...

6 hexagon mini saucer joker plate

Natural wooden joker plates with hexagonal geometric shape. If you are looking for a very stylish wooden crockery for your breakfast table, you are at the right place. Hexagonal joker plates will add movement to your breakfast table. Wooden plates are sold as a set and you can add tea plates and wooden breakfast dishes made of natural wood to this set....

6 pebble serving breakfast plate set

Wooden breakfast plate set designed in pebble form. If you are looking for a very stylish wooden crockery for your breakfast table, you are at the right place. Our wooden plates, inspired by pebbles, will add movement to your breakfast table. Wooden plates are sold as a set and you can add tea plates made of natural wood to this set. You can use it...

Looking for a wooden breakfast plate? Stylish Breakfast Presentations Are Here

Check out the Architab Atölye wooden breakfast plate types now.

Woodwind in breakfasts.

You can make your tables tidy and bring the elegance of wood to the table with our wooden breakfast varieties. Wood has started to be used a lot for breakfast presentations and the trick to visually increase the taste on the table is hidden in wooden presentation plates.

spreader breakfast trays

We are preparing a special tray for your breakfast spreads. We arrange your existing porcelain breakfast sets on the tray in the quantity you want and make them ergonomic so that you can serve them comfortably.

Production with light and durable thick woods

We prepare your wooden shuttles with light but durable solid woods specially prepared from quality trees for easy transportation.

Non-scratch and easy to clean wooden breakfast bowls.

We protect our wooden trays and plates with two layers of reinforced anti-scratch varnish.

Serve your breakfast spreads very fast

Serving the mixed breakfasts is very easy with the wooden trays we have prepared for the spread breakfasts. Your porcelain or ceramic breakfast dishes, which are placed on the wood in the kitchen, are quickly served to the customer's table.

We can embroider your logo on wood.

If you wish, we can personalize your product by processing your logo on wooden presentations.

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