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candle holders

Wooden Lantern Candle Holder Set

Architab Wooden Lantern Candle Holder Set - Bring Light and Warmth As Architab, we offer specially designed products to help you fill your home and living spaces with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our latest collection, the Wooden Lantern Candle Holder Set, stands out with its aesthetic design and functionality. You can watch the product video we...
candle holders

solid wood decorative candlestick

This time, we brought the wood that brings warmth to the place it is in, in the form of a candlestick and added a little romance to the environment with the light we get from the candles. Result: it was great. Consider a candlestick that took its form from the melting of the candle on it. While three drops of the melting wax trickled down, our design made...
Would you like to surprise your lover with a decorative and stylish gift made of natural wood? You can immortalize your love for her with this candle holder, which you can use for many years without getting old. If you want to tell your loved one "You are the most precious diamond in my life", let us introduce you to Architab's new design. Send us the...

Check out our decorative and elegant wooden candle holder designs that will add a fantastic atmosphere to your room with their dim candle lights.

The lasting texture of wood, the filling scent of candles and the candle holders that will keep the magic of fire together are ideal for both men and women.

Surprise your lover with unique gifts.

Give your lover a gift that he has never seen before with designs made entirely of quality natural wood...

The main purpose of the gift; It is to tell what we love and value.

There should be no specific time to receive gifts. You don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to make her feel important. Of course, there can be no time for a gift that will remind him of this day for the rest of his life.

The meaning you attach to the gift is important.

The tree is the main protagonist of the story of Adam and Eve, which tells the first day of humanity. The only surviving character from the story of Adam and Eve is the tree itself. It may not be immortal, but when you look at human life, it is always right next to us.

Wooden gift types fit your budget.

Wooden gifts for every budget are at Add to your favourites, to purchase our workshop made products at manufacturer prices. Be the first to see our latest designs by signing up for our email newsletter.

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