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HİTAB started production in 2010 in Cappadocia.

Hitab, which started to serve in the textile printing sector, made its name known to Turkey with the production of souvenirs in and around the Cappadocia region.

Hitab, which started its activities in the field of interior decoration and architect by adding architectural designs to its body in a short time, launched its new brand Architab in 2013 in this field.

As of 2013, it continues its production with 10 personnel.

It aims to produce the decorative products needed by the sector, entirely by using Turkish resources.

Our company, which has been operating in the field of 3D visualization and architectural drawing since 2011, continues to serve with decorative products by transferring its experience to production.

Our company, which is headquartered in Cappadocia region, has realized turnkey projects in Ankara and surrounding cities in a short time.

The most important issue we pay attention to in the production process is to produce products that do not harm health.

We wish you to be satisfied with our products...

Architab Family.

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