cutting boards

cutting boards

Pebble shaped cutting board

Pebble shaped wooden cutting and bread serving board. You can use the wooden board, which we prepared with its geometric shape inspired by the pebble form, in your presentations or as a cutting board. Check out the Architab workshop wood collection for designs that will add movement to your space.

Looking for meat cutting board, bread cutting board, vegetable chopping board?

Check out our chopping board models. The natural wooden cutting boards we designed for use in the kitchen are very useful with both their ergonomic structure and different sizes.

How should the cutting board be?

Wooden cutting boards are preferred because they do not dull the blades and allow the materials to be cut to be cut without slipping.

When choosing a cutting board, you should consider the size of your kitchen counter. While some countertops offer a wide area of use, many of today's homes may choose to keep the dimensions of elements such as kitchen counters low in order to offer a slightly larger living space in low square meters.

Decide well what you want to use the cutting board for. If you are only going to use it for cutting bread, choose the most suitable design, or if you want to cut meat, you can usually take the dimensions of the meat you buy in mind.

We have wooden cutting board models with different designs that you can use for different cutting areas.

How long does the cutting board last?

We protect the cutting boards we produce with certified and natural oils imported from Europe. While these oils feed the wood; It creates a layer for water to drain quickly over the wood.

Your wooden cutting boards wear out as they come into contact with water and are scratched by knives.

The tree loves water.

We all know that the main food of living trees is water. However, a cut tree also wants to absorb water as soon as it sees it. The water grains that will be drawn into the wood veins, which we call the waterway, cause the wood to expand over time. In such a case, you will detect changes in the shape of your cutting board. Slight ripples or even cracks may occur.

Lubricate the wooden chopping board periodically.

Apart from the cutting boards, we apply a two-fold reinforced anti-scratch protective formula to minimize the contact of our other wood products with water and air, which we produce in the architab workshop. In this way, we create products that can be used for many years without wearing out. However, it is not correct to use these protectors on cutting boards. For this reason, cutting boards are protected with natural oils. Thanks to these water-shifting oils, wooden cutting boards can be used for a long time.

You can extend the service life of the cutting boards that you will lubricate at regular intervals according to your usage.

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