Take Away Cafe Stand

Coffee Shop Take Away Stand Check out the special design we prepared for your coffee shop. A decorative and stylish stand that gathers the products in the area where your customers will put the final touches on their drinks. It holds straw area, stick sugar bowl, napkin holder, cutlery, plastic and wooden cutlery, wet wipes compartment, paper insert...
catering trays

Paper Cup Holder Stand

Wooden Cardboard Cup Stand and Z Tier Napkin Holder Do you serve hot drinks in your office, hotel or workplace with cardboard cups and instant tea and coffee? With our wooden catering stand, you can stack over 100 large cardboard cups or small cardboard cups. With the Z napkin holder area, you will have a more comfortable presentation for your guests....
Colorful Retro Zigzag Patterned Wooden Seperators These elegant designs offer an excellent option for dividing and organizing your spaces and at the same time coloring them. Thanks to the hinges, you can position them the way you want and add an original touch to your spaces. The laser-cut retro zigzag patterns inside bring movement and vitality to your...
Natural Wooden Lantern Signage Check out our natural wooden lantern sign design product that you can use in your hotel, cafe or restaurant or even in your office. It can be used as a routing sign, you can use it as a wall decor. At the bottom of the page, you can find the dimensions and other information about the product.
Don't Forget to Choose Your Letter For the extra letter you want to buy, select the letter from the drop-down menu and add it to your cart. You can repeat the process for each different letter or number you need. 10 copies of each letter you choose and add to the cart are sent.
Wall Decors

Wooden Blackboard Letter Chart

Plug and Play Letter Price and Direction Sign It is fully compatible with cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, hospitals, offices and all other workplaces. It is a decorative and stylish letter board. Thanks to its detachable letter design, you can use it as a menu and price list, or as a direction sign, or as a sign showing your floor plans. Forget going to...

Checkout Counter Stand

Are you looking for a stand to display packaged products in front of the cash register? Check out our natural wood stand. With the harmony of black and wood colors, your products stand out one step further. Thanks to its two-storey design, you can stock more products in narrower spaces. With the logo field, you can operate the name of your place, brand or...
Wall Decors

Wall Mounted Paper Cup Stand

Wall mounted paper cup stand A product that will gather the cardboard cups you use in your cafe or workplace. With this product, which you will use by mounting it on the wall, you will save space on the counter. With this product, which is adjusted to 4 different sizes of glasses, your services will now be much faster. You take your brand image one step...
Pencil case

Cactus Pencil Holder

CACTUS MODEL WOODEN PEN HOLDER Who doesn't love nature, trees, flowers! Flowers that enchant us all with the colors they offer and the wonderful scents they spread. Yes, they are very beautiful in nature, but what about in pots? Flower care is a job that requires serious dedication, watering with certain periods, keeping it in the shade or sun, changing...
Wall Decors

Paintings of Famous Painters

Paintings of famous painters engraved on wood frame and wood In our collection, you can find models of the most famous works of world-renowned painters with thick frames engraved on wood. The paintings, all of which we have embroidered on wood, will add elegance to your spaces for many years. Even if your space is decorated in a modern way, you can use...
Wall Decors

tile patterned mirror

Are you looking for a stylish mirror that will show itself on the wall you hang with its weight? Check out our wooden decorative Ottoman mirror model decorated with examples of the famous Ottoman tile art. Mirrors you've looked at before look big on the internet but look small in your home? Architab workshop designs do not mislead you! You buy a real wall...
Wall Decors

Tortoise Trainer Wooden Table

Tumbled Frame Turtle Trainer Chart This work of Osman Hamdi Bey, which requires patience and aims to achieve the task of training turtles with the ney flute in his hand and the nakkare on his back, depicts the wall of the room on the upper floor of the Bursa Green Mosque. The tiles on the wall have been shed in places, the plaster is removed and the tiles...
Wood Carved Pencil Case Be sure to check out our wooden pen holder, the new product of our collection. If you love green and like to be enchanted by the peaceful effect of trees, this pencil holder model is for you. You will use it as an indispensable tool on your desk. You can use these pencil holders, which will fascinate you with their color and warm...
Wooden Osman Hamdi Bey Paintings If you are looking for retro wooden paintings, check out the products we prepared from Ottoman period paintings. Attention please! The prints of the pictures in our paintings are printed on real wood. Thank you for not making comparisons with ephemeral canvas paintings. Our tables, which are in AA quality furniture class,...
Pencil case

Wooden Carved Rabbit Pattern Pen Holder

Natural Wood Carved Pencil Case A new one has been added to our wooden pen holder collection. With its colorful appearance and carving style, our new pen holder models will offer you and those around you a different look. It is different from an ordinary pencil case with its texture, appearance and vitality. It will become very useful on your desk, in the...
Tumbled Table with Thick Frame, All Made of Wood Check out our carpenter-themed natural wood table. Are you looking for a replica of vintage design and old paintings for your space? By examining our collection, you can order different paintings that will add elegance to your space. Check out Architab Atelier products for hotel paintings, decorative...

Wooden Keychain Hanger

Detailed Solution! Here is a small detailed solution for your home, office, car key chains that you want to keep in your pocket when you enter your home or office! Everyone has their own solutions for the keychain In buildings with wide corridors, larger furniture such as dressers and shoe racks are generally preferred while smaller solutions in the form...
religious products

Natural Wood Carved Ayat al Kursi Decor

Decorative Natural Wood Ayet-el Kursi It is a stylish and decorative product, it brings the warmth of wood to its environment. You can use it in your living room, workplace or office. It is a very stylish product to present to your loved ones. If you are thinking of what to buy as a new house gift, you can make your loved ones happy with the natural...
Wall Decors

Carved Wooden Ladder Shelf

Wooden Ladder Rack Check out our carved staircase design, all made of natural wood. You can use the warmth of natural wood in your home, office or in the decoration of your businesses such as hotels and cafes. You can use it as a towel holder in the bathrooms of hotels and houses, for various purposes such as bookshelves and flower beds in workplaces...
Hotel Door Numbers

Wooden Restroom Sign Wc

Natural Wood Toilet Plate Check out our decorative wooden interior sign designs. If you are looking for a WC sign for your workplace, check out our collection. You can examine the products that you can order two pieces to distinguish between men and women among our designs. Wooden signboards designed and produced by Architab Atelier are striking and very...
Hotel Boucle Tray

Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Vintage ladder washbasin side towel dispenser and boucle rack The use of sinks in hotel rooms usually ends with narrow solutions. When this area is waived for more effective use of the rest of the room, there may not be enough space for towels and amenities. For such cases, you can examine our vertically designed products. This product, which will be very...

Wooden 3D kitchen sign

kitchen door sign To be used in cafe and restaurant businesses; Check out our kitchen sign design that you can easily mount on the door or on the wall. Thanks to its natural wood structure, it has a very stylish appearance and blends with your space. The kitchen lettering is three-dimensional, so it can be easily read and distinguished even in dim light....

Self Servis Tabelası

This special design can be an excellent indoor sign for many businesses such as cafes, restaurants, markets, shops. It adds a natural touch to your space with its stylish and decorative appearance. If you want to create your own custom signage with a message used instead of a "Self Service" print, feel free to contact us next. By purchasing two identical...
Checkout Sign It is an ideal direction sign for shops, cafes and restaurants, markets and similar businesses that take payment at the cash register. You can make your counter much more stylish with the Safe signboard, which we produce from natural solid wood and add movement with 3D letters. Attract the attention of your customers with a wooden signboard...

Do you want your home or workplace to look different and more elegant?

Yes, you are at the right address. We have presented the designs of elegant wall decors, wooden backgammon, wooden watches and especially wood for our customers.

Did you know that any decorations or decorations that are created in the places we live or work in the institutions we work in have a positive effect on human psychology?

Every place where we feel more comfortable and more elegant in terms of appearance has a positive effect on success in our business life or peace for our family life.

The warm atmosphere created by the wood tables, the sweet competition to evaluate our free time with our loved ones, and the backgammon that we play - giving two times the taste of the person if the wood is carved, is the most suitable object to give gifts to our home or our loved ones, to remind those who work for wooden clocks and work places. or help your customers with great help in the human life in our opinion positively affects.

Whether your style is classic or modern; You can contact us for all the different, more elegant and more useful products that will appeal to all of you. Leave the rest to us.

You can reach us for our decoration products that are different from the display, more quality than the senses, practical in terms of use and also very stylish for your taste.

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