Decorative Ornaments

Wall Decors

Tortoise Trainer Wooden Table

Tumbled Frame Turtle Trainer Chart This work of Osman Hamdi Bey, which requires patience and aims to achieve the task of training turtles with the ney flute in his hand and the nakkare on his back, depicts the wall of the room on the upper floor of the Bursa Green Mosque. The tiles on the wall have been shed in places, the plaster is removed and the tiles...
Wooden Osman Hamdi Bey Paintings If you are looking for retro wooden paintings, check out the products we prepared from Ottoman period paintings. Attention please! The prints of the pictures in our paintings are printed on real wood. Thank you for not making comparisons with ephemeral canvas paintings. Our tables, which are in AA quality furniture class,...
religious products

Natural Wood Carved Ayat al Kursi Decor

Decorative Natural Wood Ayet-el Kursi It is a stylish and decorative product, it brings the warmth of wood to its environment. You can use it in your living room, workplace or office. It is a very stylish product to present to your loved ones. If you are thinking of what to buy as a new house gift, you can make your loved ones happy with the natural...
tea plates

Natural Wooden Tea Coaster

Children's Patterned Wooden Tea Serving Plate Are those who never wear out their inner child here? This tea presentation is just for you. Wooden tea presentation plate that you can use comfortably at home or in the office. You can use our tea presentation plate, which draws attention with its colorful patterns and models, while offering milk to your...
Natural Wooden Men - Women Wc Sign Our new collection is for you, who are looking for a WC sign for your cafe, restaurant, hotel or workplace. If you are looking for directions for your spaces, do not pass without looking at our new designs. Your spaces will be in harmony with its appearance. It will be in harmony with your interiors and will provide a...
Phone Holders

Tea Design Wooden Phone Holder

Tea Printed Wooden Phone Stand Are you also a tea lover? We seem to hear you say you can't do it if it's not during the day. Then this tea-designed wooden phone stand is special for you. It is a product that will make it very easy to use the phone both at home and while working. Our phone or tablet holder designed entirely from natural wood. The image on...
catering trays

Wooden Tea-Coffee Stand

Natural Wooden Tea-Coffee stand Of course, there are sections in your office or hotel that you want to stay organized. This tea-coffee stand is for you. It provides a wide area of use with its cup compartment and tea and coffee varieties. If you wish, you can choose for porcelain cups or cardboard cups, they are designed to be compatible with both. Apart...
Phone and Tablet Stand

Natural Wood Phone Holder With Cactus Design

Cactus Design Wooden Phone Stand If you want different gift alternatives for your loved ones and friends, here is our new product for you. Our phone or tablet holder designed entirely from natural wood. It looks very stylish with its colorful appearance and design, but it will add the warmth of the wood to the environment. The image on it will never be...
Phone Holders

Wooden Tree Phone Stand

Natural Wood Phone Holder With Tree Design For those who love nature and green and want to feel the peace it gives, I suggest you take a look at our tree model phone stand. As you use it, you will understand how necessary a tool our phone stands, which will fit into your office and home environment, are actually. You can be sure that your work will be...
Pencil case

Unicorn Design Pen Holder

Unicorn Pen Holder The unicorns that everyone likes, big and small, are now in our pencil holders. Check out our pen holder models that you can use comfortably in the office or at home. It is quite different from other pen holder models with its color, texture and appearance. Our wooden pen holder model is produced from specially dried solid wood....
Wall Decors

Carved Wooden Ladder Shelf

Wooden Ladder Rack Check out our carved staircase design, all made of natural wood. You can use the warmth of natural wood in your home, office or in the decoration of your businesses such as hotels and cafes. You can use it as a towel holder in the bathrooms of hotels and houses, for various purposes such as bookshelves and flower beds in workplaces...
Adjustable Book Tables

Wooden Adjustable Laptop - Tablet Stand

Laptop, Tablet and Book Table With the developing technology, the electronic devices we use the most are probably phones, tablets and laptops. We spend so much time with these electronic devices that take place in our hands, on our desks and on our laps to benefit from video and social media, both for work and in daily life, that many of us eventually...
wooden toys

4x4 Matching Game

Are You Ready for Family Fun? Check out our two player strategy game that you can play as a family at home. A tabletop wooden strategy game designed entirely from wood and colored with water-based paints. With the cutthroat competition and strategic moves of two people, you will not be able to notice how the hours pass. If you think that your children...
Pencil case

Cat Wooden Pen Holder

Beret Cat Wooden Desk Pen Holder One of our dearest friends, cats that hook us with their cute mischievous ways... Who doesn't love these animals that sometimes make us roommates, and sometimes approach us anywhere during the day and make them love themselves. We did not forget these lovely friends of ours and we wanted them to be in our pen holders as...
Wooden Spices

Portable Wooden Case

Wooden Bag Tea Box and Spice Sauce Box Are you looking for a wooden case or wooden box that you can use on the table to organize your tea bags? Check out our aged wooden case design with its portable design and ergonomic dimensions. Thanks to its special dimensions, it is a product that you can easily use to compile your packaged products such as napkin...
Pencil case

Hokka Divit Wooden Pen Holder

Inkwell and Divit Design Wooden Pen Holder No other duo as worthy of handwriting as the inkwell and the diphthong has yet been discovered. We know that there are those among you who still maintain the old traditions. Dip is the symbol most associated with writers and pencils. Our wooden pencil holder model was prepared by carving from specially dried...
Hotel Boucle Tray

Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Vintage ladder washbasin side towel dispenser and boucle rack The use of sinks in hotel rooms usually ends with narrow solutions. When this area is waived for more effective use of the rest of the room, there may not be enough space for towels and amenities. For such cases, you can examine our vertically designed products. This product, which will be very...

No Smoking Sign

Looking for a no smoking warning sign? Would you like to buy a non-smoking sign that you can use comfortably in hotel rooms or offices and workplaces by placing it on the desktop? In contrast to the huge paper notices that hang on the walls, it is a kinder and more interesting sign. You can customize the wooden sign no smoking text if you wish. For...
Wood Carved Pencil Case Be sure to check out our wooden pen holder, the new product of our collection. If you love green and like to be enchanted by the peaceful effect of trees, this pencil holder model is for you. You will use it as an indispensable tool on your desk. You can use these pencil holders, which will fascinate you with their color and warm...
Natural Wood Carved Pencil Case A new one has been added to our wooden pen holder collection. With its colorful appearance and carving style, our new pen holder models will offer you and those around you a different look. It is different from an ordinary pencil case with its texture, appearance and vitality. It will become very useful on your desk, in the...
Colorful Tea Serving Plates We dream of a warm cup of tea when you come out cold. Or do you think we should drink a cup of tea to cool off in the heat of summer? When a guest comes or as a guest, the first thing to ask is do you drink tea? If you want to offer tea, which is one of our indispensable drinks, both while you drink it yourself and while...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Buffet note and nameplate

Buffet catering notepads Generally, in the open buffets of hotels, you have to specify the content of the food you serve to the customers. In such cases, it is often necessary to resort to solutions that are not very decorative. Because it is very difficult to find a product that combines these contents in a way that is easy to read and decorative. Check...
Wooden Spices

Extra wooden spice set

Cafe Restaurant Type Wooden Spice Set You can find stylish spice sets in our cafe and restaurant equipment category. If you run a restaurant that serves meat; Apart from the standard spices such as salt and pepper, you may also want to serve chili pepper and thyme. It is a very stylish set with extra spices that we have specially prepared for such...
Pencil case

Wood Carving Pen Holder

Wooden Pencil Case With Teddy Bear Model Would you like to make your office desk or desk more fun with our pen holder designs that we prepared by carving from natural wood? Our pencil holders designed for daily use; It will bring the warmth and naturalness of the tree to your workspace in your home or office. Thanks to the figures and symbols on it, these...
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