Desktop organizers

Wooden Menu Holder

QR Code Menu Holder

Architab brand's next-generation QR code Cafe Restaurant menus. Made entirely from natural wood, this stand allows QR codes to be elegantly displayed on tables in cafes and restaurants. Its angular design and stylish wood texture are eye-catching, and it's also quite compact, measuring 9cm in width, 13.5cm in height, and 3.6cm in thickness. The product...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Bi-directional design A5 brochure stand

It provides a decorative and durable appearance with its natural wood structure and acrylic glass front. Thanks to its double-sided design, you can display two different advertisements or brochures at the same time. Our stand, designed for A5 paper size, has an ergonomic structure for long-term use. This stand, which offers easy cleaning, offers a...

Coffee Corner Counter Top Shelf

Create extra space on the counter with a wooden shelf Check out our shelf product that can be used on natural wood countertops. In addition to its decorative and stylish structure, it creates a special area where you can stack your Turkish coffee machine and coffee jar, cups, spices and other products. The wood is protected with a special water-based paint.
Wooden Furniture

Kitchen Countertop Organizer

Kitchen Countertop Decorations You want to organize your kitchen counter, but if you think you don't have enough space; Check out our two-shelf kitchen counter top corner shelf organizer. You can order our organizer decoration product, which you can use for your coffee corner or as a countertop spice rack, which has a stylish appearance with its durable...

Checkout Counter Stand

Are you looking for a stand to display packaged products in front of the cash register? Check out our natural wood stand. With the harmony of black and wood colors, your products stand out one step further. Thanks to its two-storey design, you can stock more products in narrower spaces. With the logo field, you can operate the name of your place, brand or...
Pencil case

Cactus Pencil Holder

CACTUS MODEL WOODEN PEN HOLDER Who doesn't love nature, trees, flowers! Flowers that enchant us all with the colors they offer and the wonderful scents they spread. Yes, they are very beautiful in nature, but what about in pots? Flower care is a job that requires serious dedication, watering with certain periods, keeping it in the shade or sun, changing...

No Smoking Sign

Looking for a no smoking warning sign? Would you like to buy a non-smoking sign that you can use comfortably in hotel rooms or offices and workplaces by placing it on the desktop? In contrast to the huge paper notices that hang on the walls, it is a kinder and more interesting sign. You can customize the wooden sign no smoking text if you wish. For...

Desktop No Smoking Sign

Looking for a no smoking sign to warn your guests? In non-smoking rooms of hotels or in all kinds of indoor places; Check out our tabletop wooden warning sign, where you can warn your guests that there is no smoking in this area. Thanks to its self-standing design, the no smoking warning sign is very stylish and useful. The Wifi Password area on the side...
Decorative Ornaments

wooden desktop organizer

A decorative wooden design to tidy up your office desk. If your desk is cluttered more than necessary and you have trouble finding what you are looking for while working during the day, a wooden table top organizer design that can be written with your name and logo may work. Are you looking for a stylish product that can be used as a gift to your friend...

Looking for a natural wood organizer for your office desk?

While working during the day, all of our desks are quite messy.

  • Do you sometimes have to search for a simple pen for a while, even though you are sure it is on your desk?
  • Or can't find a place to put your car key on the desk?
  • Would you like to have your reading glasses at hand whenever you need them?

Check out the table organizers that we specially carved from natural wood and covered with soft textile material.

Moreover, we can embroider your company logo on it free of charge and write your name. With the special phone holders on it, your tables will now be much more tidy.

Create an ideal space for your favorite pencils without the need for an additional pencil holder.

It is a very stylish gift that you can give to your loved ones, colleagues or friends who work in the office.

It is produced with AA class furniture quality for long-term use. Protected against scratching with two layers of reinforced varnish.

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