Engagement/Ring Trays

Ahsap Sunumlar

Classic Turned Foot Tray

Classic Lovers Are You Here? Here is a tray just for you! While our solid wood carved tray will take you back to the old days, the naturalness and warmth of wood will surround you in the area you will use. It is easy to grasp and very stylish with its tiny lathe feet. The usage area is up to you! You can use it as a table, coffee table, dresser-top...
Engagement/Ring Trays

Carved Oval Tray

Engagement Tray, which is indispensable for Engagement / Promise ceremonies Your lonely days will now be accompanied by your life partner who will share a lifetime with you. When it comes to sharing a life, it is very valuable in the first steps taken. The first special step to introduce your family and relatives on the engagement day! On this precious...
Wedding Engagement Promise

Floral Engagement Tray

Do you want to make your special moments different? Looking for a new idea to make you feel special on your best day? This engagement tray is just for you. It will add color to your special days with its modern texture and ergonomic use. It will bring you the unique texture of spring and fascinate you with its vitality and energy. This engagement tray,...
Engagement/Ring Trays

Engagement Tray with Wooden Rope and Name

Check out our natural wood engagement and promise tray models. Our engagement trays are very popular with their stylish designs and long-lasting design It is a very stylish decorative product that you will keep for many years and remember this happy day. Looking for a name word tray? You should examine our natural wooden engagement tray models decorated...
Engagement/Ring Trays

Carved wooden frame engagement tray models

Engagement tray models Natural Wood ring tray models Promise tray models Check out the ring tray models. Vintage-style, walnut-coloured, wood-carved engagement tray. It is a very stylish decorative product that you will keep for many years and remember this happy day. Looking for a name word tray? You should examine our natural wooden engagement tray...
Decorative Ornaments

Natural wood Patchwork patterned tray

Are you looking for practical and stylish wooden trays that take up little space for daily use? You will love our Architab workshop design natural wood trays. Check out our wooden tray collection with its ergonomic structure and different sizes suitable for every use. If you can't find a place to put bulky trays, this tray is for you. We don't always...

Wooden engagement trays that you can use on your most special days

You think of your most special moments down to the smallest details and you want everything to be just as you imagined it to be.

Because this moment is truly special for you. Undoubtedly, engagement trays are one of the indispensable objects of your special days, engagement or promise.

Nowadays, this situation is quite common. If you do some research, you can find hundreds of products on the market that seem different from each other. If I said different, the mirrored ones or the ones in the form of a log.

So you want it to be different? Does it look natural while being different?

Do you want it to be a little dimensional rather than a flat wood? If you are looking for an unusual product, you are at the right place.

Take a look at our carved wooden trays, which are completely produced in our workshop.

Our trays are made of solid wood and are carved with walnut color and side frames.

Would you like to print any text you want on the tray?

A word between you and your loved one can be your engagement date or your names.

Would you like to use your tray as a decor in your home later on?

You can use our wooden trays later in your home as a table or as a door nameplate.

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