Groom's Coffees

Natural wooden Turkish Coffee Serving Plate with "Salt" apparatus special for grooms Are you looking for a special presentation for Damat Coffee? We have a great idea for you! We have redesigned our Special Turkish Coffee Wooden presentation to make it special for you on your special day! You can make this special day much more fun by immortalizing his...

Wooden groom coffees that you can easily use in your engagement and promise

When it comes to asking a girl, the first thing that comes to mind is salty groom coffee. If the groom drank the salty coffee without making a sound, it was thought that he loved the bride very much, and the girl was given. Nowadays, this custom has turned into a fun trend. The fashion of groom coffee trays took its place in girl requests day by day.

So, are you looking for groom coffees other than different standards?

If you want to be natural while searching, you can look at our completely wooden groom coffees.

Want to write a word or text on it?

We can write any word or text you want on it by printing or laser engraving. The print does not come off or fade in any way, you can use it easily in a corner of your home.

Would you like a salt apparatus?

We can also make the salt apparatus so that your presentation will be humorous.

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