Heart wooden presentations

Would you like to surprise your lover with a decorative and stylish gift made of natural wood? You can immortalize your love for her with this candle holder, which you can use for many years without getting old. If you want to tell your loved one "You are the most precious diamond in my life", let us introduce you to Architab's new design. Send us the...

Heart Real Wood Phone Stand

If you are looking for a different gift for your loved one or friend, here is our brand new phone stand.. In fact, a phone stand is a product that you only understand when you use it. While it is nice to have it on your desk at work, right at the corner of your eye, they are actively used in our home, you say "it's good to stand vertically" while doing...
Presentation Equipment

A bird and a heart Turkish coffee Wooden Presentation

Wooden Turkish coffee plate animated with bird and heart figures. Turkish coffee, as delicate as a bird, as emotional as a heart, add a third dimension to your treats with our long-lasting wooden presentations that will be remembered for 40 years. This stylishly designed product is much more fun thanks to the apparatus positioned on a flat surface. The...
Presentation Equipment

Tile Patterned Turkish Coffee Wooden Plate

Who can say no to a Turkish coffee prepared with love? Check out our coffee offerings designed in the shape of a heart with a tile pattern.Wooden services that will complete your delicious tea and coffee presentations at your home, cafe or restaurant are in the Architab workshop. In the Architab workshop collection, you can find wooden plates that are...

Heart themed wooden tea and coffee presentations

One of the most beautiful symbols describing love is probably the heart, the most beautiful color is red.
We add naturalness, warmth and a bit of love to the space with our solid wood presentations, which you can use comfortably at home and at work, compatible with coffee or tea glasses.
Want to buy a special gift for your lover?
Our wooden coasters with hearts or poems are just for you!
Poetry lovers, we thought of you too
Sometimes one doesn't want to drown in words of love, a note at the end of his desk catches his eye during the day, 'Shall we grow old and walk arm in arm? For example, Cemal Süreya says, 'Here is a small note enough to remind you of your lover, a smile settles between the coffee/tea you drink..
Of course, we thought of you, both heart and poetry lovers!
For example, we opened hearth cookie places on our coasters and placed a Özdemir Asaf word on the edge: 'Love, not being able to stop while looking at it? we said.
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