Hotel Boucle Tray

Wooden Furniture

Kitchen Countertop Organizer

Kitchen Countertop Decorations You want to organize your kitchen counter, but if you think you don't have enough space; Check out our two-shelf kitchen counter top corner shelf organizer. You can order our organizer decoration product, which you can use for your coffee corner or as a countertop spice rack, which has a stylish appearance with its durable...
Wooden Furniture

Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Shelf

Multipurpose natural wood flying shelf Are you looking for a decorative shelf with a small footprint? You can use this product as a jar rack, spice rack and wooden towel holder in your kitchen. You can easily arrange your liquid soap, toothbrush and cosmetics in your bathroom, as well as hang your hand and face towels. You can use it for many years by...
Wooden Furniture

Wooden Towel Rack

Wooden Towel Rack You can use it for your hand towel or paper towel by mounting it between the counter or on any wall in your kitchen, and you can put your spices, jars and other small equipment in the shelf section. You can use it by hanging your cosmetics and towel in your bathroom. If you wish, you can mount it on the wall as a guest towel holder and...
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Hotel Equipment

Master Bedroom Tinyhouse

Tiny House Hotel For Sale Check out our hotel room concept tiny house model. Our vehicle, prepared with natural wood and unique design, is here with the concept of a hotel room for two people. It is a very stylish and highly insulated house that you can use either by the sea or as a chalet in the forest or in the valleys. It can produce its own...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Classic Turned Foot Tray

Classic Lovers Are You Here? Here is a tray just for you! While our solid wood carved tray will take you back to the old days, the naturalness and warmth of wood will surround you in the area you will use. It is easy to grasp and very stylish with its tiny lathe feet. The usage area is up to you! You can use it as a table, coffee table, dresser-top...
Hotel Boucle Tray

Wooden Boucle Basket

Wooden Basket For Your Hotel Amenities With wooden boucle baskets, it not only adds a different atmosphere to the look of your hotel, but also allows you to better present the boucle products you use in the bathroom. The boucle basket will make your bathrooms more stylish and modern. If you are tired of the classic models, we are ready to prepare special...
Hotel Room Trays

Vip Jacuzzi Serving Tray

Wooden Jacuzzi Decoration Visit the Architab Atelier Hotel category to review our unique designs that you will want to use when decorating your boutique hotel business. We engrave the name of your hotel on our jacuzzi catering tray free of charge. Thus, the place of this unique memory is tagged in each photo. It is a very stylish product that you can use...
Wall Decors

Carved Wooden Ladder Shelf

Wooden Ladder Rack Check out our carved staircase design, all made of natural wood. You can use the warmth of natural wood in your home, office or in the decoration of your businesses such as hotels and cafes. You can use it as a towel holder in the bathrooms of hotels and houses, for various purposes such as bookshelves and flower beds in workplaces...
Hotel Boucle Tray

Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Vintage ladder washbasin side towel dispenser and boucle rack The use of sinks in hotel rooms usually ends with narrow solutions. When this area is waived for more effective use of the rest of the room, there may not be enough space for towels and amenities. For such cases, you can examine our vertically designed products. This product, which will be very...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Divided Square Wooden Serving Plate

Square Wooden Divided Plate Are you looking for my compartmented presentation plate made of natural wood? Check out our 30x30cm split free serving plates. Your presentations are now much more delicious with wooden plates that you can use at home, in the office, in cafes and restaurants. Thanks to its free space, it offers a wide variety of usage areas....

Need a tray to keep your hotel amenities in the bathroom tidy?

Check out our category for the design and manufacture of wooden trays to compile your hotel bouquets.

We prepare special wooden trays with your hotel logo for hotel bouquets.

We embroider your hotel logo on wooden boucle trays free of charge.

Would you like to design the tray you need for your hotel boucle?

We can custom design the dimensions and colors of the wooden tray for you.

Arrange your hotel bouquets in the tray yourself.

We can prepare the layout of your wooden boucle tray according to your demands.

Water resistant wooden boucle trays.

Our wooden trays are protected against water, scratching and deformation with two layers of reinforced anti-scratch varnish.

Your logo that we embroidered on it will not fade or come off over time. It provides long-term use.

Unlike plexi trays, it is resistant to impacts. It does not leave traces of lime.

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