Hotel Menu and Indexes

Wooden Menu Holder

QR Code Menu Holder

Architab brand's next-generation QR code Cafe Restaurant menus. Made entirely from natural wood, this stand allows QR codes to be elegantly displayed on tables in cafes and restaurants. Its angular design and stylish wood texture are eye-catching, and it's also quite compact, measuring 9cm in width, 13.5cm in height, and 3.6cm in thickness. The product...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Bi-directional design A5 brochure stand

It provides a decorative and durable appearance with its natural wood structure and acrylic glass front. Thanks to its double-sided design, you can display two different advertisements or brochures at the same time. Our stand, designed for A5 paper size, has an ergonomic structure for long-term use. This stand, which offers easy cleaning, offers a...

Checkout Counter Stand

Are you looking for a stand to display packaged products in front of the cash register? Check out our natural wood stand. With the harmony of black and wood colors, your products stand out one step further. Thanks to its two-storey design, you can stock more products in narrower spaces. With the logo field, you can operate the name of your place, brand or...

Take Away Cafe Stand

Coffee Shop Take Away Stand Check out the special design we prepared for your coffee shop. A decorative and stylish stand that gathers the products in the area where your customers will put the final touches on their drinks. It holds straw area, stick sugar bowl, napkin holder, cutlery, plastic and wooden cutlery, wet wipes compartment, paper insert...
Master Bedroom Tinyhouse Master Bedroom Tinyhouse 2
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Hotel Equipment

Master Bedroom Tinyhouse

Tiny House Hotel For Sale Check out our hotel room concept tiny house model. Our vehicle, prepared with natural wood and unique design, is here with the concept of a hotel room for two people. It is a very stylish and highly insulated house that you can use either by the sea or as a chalet in the forest or in the valleys. It can produce its own...

Standing Wooden Sign

Decorative Wooden Sign with Legs Check out our portable, decorative and stylish all-wood warning signs. With this product, which you can use as a directional sign or as a warning sign, you can both guide your guests and adapt to the decoration of the environment. No smoking sign, no entry with shoes is a sign that is sought on hotel terraces in Cappadocia...
Hotel Boucle Tray

Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Vintage ladder washbasin side towel dispenser and boucle rack The use of sinks in hotel rooms usually ends with narrow solutions. When this area is waived for more effective use of the rest of the room, there may not be enough space for towels and amenities. For such cases, you can examine our vertically designed products. This product, which will be very...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Buffet note and nameplate

Buffet catering notepads Generally, in the open buffets of hotels, you have to specify the content of the food you serve to the customers. In such cases, it is often necessary to resort to solutions that are not very decorative. Because it is very difficult to find a product that combines these contents in a way that is easy to read and decorative. Check...
Wooden Menus

Wooden Menu Board

What is a Wooden Menu? Check out our A5 size wooden menu design suitable for Cafe Restaurant and Hotel use Instead of printing new menus for the products you add and remove from your menus every year or at certain intervals, your costs will be reduced by 80% thanks to this menu container, which you can use for many years by changing only 1 page For...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Hotel Check-in Check-out Time Table

The table behind the reception showing the hotel entrance and exit times If you don't want to use standard products for your hotel, check out the Architab Atelier collections. Check out our table arranging the Hotel Check-in and Check-out hours, which we designed and prepared from natural solid wood. The wooden table, on which we embroider the logo of...

Desktop No Smoking Sign

Looking for a no smoking sign to warn your guests? In non-smoking rooms of hotels or in all kinds of indoor places; Check out our tabletop wooden warning sign, where you can warn your guests that there is no smoking in this area. Thanks to its self-standing design, the no smoking warning sign is very stylish and useful. The Wifi Password area on the side...
Hotel Equipment

Wooden and Rope Do Not Disturb Inscription

Wooden Please Do Not Disturb Card With Rope You can review Architab Atelier designs for your equipment needs compatible with your hotel concept. The Please Do Not Disturb (DND) warning letter, in which 100% natural wood and rope are used together, may be the most suitable equipment for your hotel. In order for you to use it for many years, two layers of...
Hotel Equipment

Wooden 3D Please Do Not Disturb Card

Looking for Wooden Hotel DND Card? Please Do Not Disturb cards. Check out our three-dimensional Do Not Disturb warning cards, all of which are cut from natural wood. With these cards specially prepared for your hotel, you will no longer be looking for a cardboard DND letter. It has a stylish appearance with its long-lasting and embossed lettering, and...

Check out our room service menus and hotel index designs.

We design wooden cover menus for your room service menus.

Would you like to have an easy-to-change wooden menu for room service?

Thanks to the clip placed on the wood, you can only change the papers without having to change the whole menu.

We embroider your hotel logo on wood free of charge.

We embroider your logo on the wooden cover. Our wooden menu and index products, which we harmonize with your room, add elegance to the elegance of your rooms.

Reinforced design against scratching and deformation.

Our products, which are prepared with durable wood, are protected against scratches, deformations and breakages with double-strength anti-scratch varnish. Erasing does not fade or age.

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