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Wooden Furniture

CoffeeVessel Wooden Coffee Bar

Architab Coffee Corner With its aesthetic design and functionality, elevates your coffee experience to the next level. Crafted from pine wood, this elegant corner unit measures 151 cm in height, 83 cm in width, and 41.5 cm in depth, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. The machine placement area, measuring 42x39 cm, is equipped with LED lighting...
fastfood plates

Natural Wooden Kayak Plate

Kayak Plate Fastfood Serving Tray As Architab Brand specializing in the production of wooden plates, we are proud to present you a new model. The wooden boat plate offers an excellent option both aesthetically and functionally. These stylish wooden serving plates are made of specially dried solid pine wood and are among our natural wooden plate options....
Master Bedroom Tinyhouse Master Bedroom Tinyhouse 2
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Hotel Equipment

Master Bedroom Tinyhouse

Tiny House Hotel For Sale Check out our hotel room concept tiny house model. Our vehicle, prepared with natural wood and unique design, is here with the concept of a hotel room for two people. It is a very stylish and highly insulated house that you can use either by the sea or as a chalet in the forest or in the valleys. It can produce its own...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Classic Turned Foot Tray

Classic Lovers Are You Here? Here is a tray just for you! While our solid wood carved tray will take you back to the old days, the naturalness and warmth of wood will surround you in the area you will use. It is easy to grasp and very stylish with its tiny lathe feet. The usage area is up to you! You can use it as a table, coffee table, dresser-top...
catering trays

Paper Cup Holder Stand

Wooden Cardboard Cup Stand and Z Tier Napkin Holder Do you serve hot drinks in your office, hotel or workplace with cardboard cups and instant tea and coffee? With our wooden catering stand, you can stack over 100 large cardboard cups or small cardboard cups. With the Z napkin holder area, you will have a more comfortable presentation for your guests....
Wooden Furniture

Tea Coffee Cabinet with Carved Lid

Are you looking for a tea coffee stand with carved lids? If you are looking for a useful cabinet to make your treats faster and tidier while hosting your guests in your office, home or workplace, you are at the right address. Thanks to the Architab Atelier designed tea and coffee stand, you will now have a much more tidy beverage area. Moreover, you can...
Hotel Room Trays

Vip Jacuzzi Serving Tray

Wooden Jacuzzi Decoration Visit the Architab Atelier Hotel category to review our unique designs that you will want to use when decorating your boutique hotel business. We engrave the name of your hotel on our jacuzzi catering tray free of charge. Thus, the place of this unique memory is tagged in each photo. It is a very stylish product that you can use...
Bread Presentation

Natural Wooden Bread Box

Natural Wooden Bread Box for Cafe, Restaurant and Hotels Are you looking for products that are compatible with each other for your restaurant, cafe or hotel? As Architab Atelier, we bring together products based on your concept and request. We take shape completely according to your wishes and needs and produce special products only for you. Our natural...
catering trays

Wooden Tea-Coffee Stand

Natural Wooden Tea-Coffee stand Of course, there are sections in your office or hotel that you want to stay organized. This tea-coffee stand is for you. It provides a wide area of use with its cup compartment and tea and coffee varieties. If you wish, you can choose for porcelain cups or cardboard cups, they are designed to be compatible with both. Apart...
Hotel Boucle Tray

Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Vintage ladder washbasin side towel dispenser and boucle rack The use of sinks in hotel rooms usually ends with narrow solutions. When this area is waived for more effective use of the rest of the room, there may not be enough space for towels and amenities. For such cases, you can examine our vertically designed products. This product, which will be very...
Hotel Equipment

Hotel Serving Plate Pine Wood Coffee Tea

Looking for Wooden Catering Trays for Hotel Rooms or Office? Check out Architab Atelier natural wood hotel welcome tray models. You can keep all your treats together with our wooden trays designed for daily use in the office and hotel rooms. If you want to offer a special experience to your guests, we embroider your company logo on wooden hotel trays. If...
Hotel Equipment

Wooden Hotel Welcome Trays

Looking for Wooden Welcome Trays for Hotel Rooms or Office? Check out Architab Atelier natural wood hotel welcome tray models. You can keep all your treats together with our wooden trays designed for daily use in the office and hotel rooms. If you want to offer a special experience to your guests, we embroider your company logo on wooden hotel trays. If...
Hotel Room Trays

Hotel Room Catering Tray

Looking for natural wood trays for your hotel room treats? Do you want your kettle and treats to be located and to match your decor with the warm colors of wood? Reduce the clutter in your rooms while providing a more elegant experience for your customers. Your kettle stays in a fixed place in the room and you prevent unwanted accidents. It is easy to...

Are you looking for a special wooden tray for your treats in your hotel rooms?

Check out our wooden presentation trays prepared for you to present your treats neatly in the room.

Would you like your kettle, glasses and other treats to stay together?
Don't let the equipment you use for your treats get messed up in the room. With our natural wooden presentation trays, let them all know their place.

Would you like to have your hotel logo on wooden trays?
We embroider your hotel logo on wood. Whether colored or single-colored, your logo will stay on wood for many years without fading.

Would you like to determine the wooden tray dimensions yourself?
You know best your measurements in the room. A standard product may not be compatible with your room. Architab Atelier can produce for you 100% compatible with your hotel room and with the dimensions you specify.

Would you like to determine the color of your wooden hotel room tray yourself?
Would a dark wood such as light wood or walnut color work better with your room? Make your choice yourself. If you wish, we can prepare more colorful presentations by printing in color on wood. Moreover, we embroider your logo for free.

Would you like to have a special area for the kettle and not have the power cord lying around?
The kettle and cord are the biggest nuisances of most rooms. You do not want to host your guests without this equipment that is scattered around.

Thanks to our natural wood hotel tray design, your kettle matches your room. The back is obvious and the cord no longer has to sit on the table.

Would you like your treats on the tray to look stylish?
The hotel rooms have become more comfortable for their guests, with tea bags and instant coffee offerings that can be prepared quickly. We prepare a special section in a wooden tray for such treats. In this way, your treats will not look messy and will look stylish.

Would you like your customers to add the details of your room to their memories with photos?
Nowadays, everyone, even children, has social media accounts and mobile phones. We like to photograph a detail that attracts our attention, a moment we do not want to forget, whenever we are happy. Sharing is a tradition of our society, so we love to share these beautiful moments on social media.

The owners know this detail very well and create beautiful decorations and comfortable spaces for their guests as much as possible. A regular hotel room is one of them. It's like the magic of hotel rooms, where everything is in its place and every new day looks like the first day. The team that performs this magic must spend a lot of work... To facilitate this, wooden equipment is exactly the item you are looking for for your hotel rooms!

Would you like to use the hotel equipment you purchased for many years?
We put the wooden hotel equipment we prepared into the AA class furniture class. The reason we do this is to ensure that each can be used for many years. We protect it with two layers of reinforced anti-scratch varnish so that it can be used not only as a tray or presentation board, but also as a complete piece of furniture.

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