Log Table and Coffee Table

Adjustable Book Tables

Temayüz adjustable reading table

Architab Workshop Temayüz Working Table Distinguishment literally means: "Do not become superior to your peers, stand out among them, become distinguished." means. Our purpose in naming this product is that it has more features than its counterparts and offers many options to its users. Let's get to know our extra-adjusted reading table made of natural...
Sofa Stands

Green Leaf Coffee Table For Sofa

Are you looking for a coffee table where you can place your drinks and food comfortably on armchairs or sitting area? Check out our ergonomic structure, water and scratch resistant sofa stand designs that can be used by laying down and take the shape of the seat when laid on it. Are you looking for decorative accessories in color and style that are...
Wooden Backgammon

Buy 100% Natural Wood Carved Backgammon

Check out our backgammon models, which we have prepared completely by carving from real solid wood. If you are looking for a unique gift for your boyfriend, husband, father or loved ones, you are looking for exactly the right product. We can customize wood carving backgammon for you. For example, we can write the name of the person you are going to gift...
religious products

Special Production Natural Wooden Chairs

Make your loved ones or yourself happy with a custom made chair! The lecterns that we produce from natural solid wood are both very useful and very decorative. You can buy it for your home or workplace and use it for many years. You can buy the Quran for beginners, loved ones or for yourself. You can make it a special gift for the person you love by...
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