Tip Boxes

RETRO TV Tipbox / piggy bank

You can use tipbox as a tip box in cafes and restaurants. Our product, which encourages you to save money as a family, can also be used as a piggy bank with a customizable feature. You can print your special family photo on the screen and use it as a frame in this way. You will love this product that we have prepared by combining the design of natural...

Are you looking for a decorative natural wooden piggy bank for your home?

Retro winds will blow in your home with decorative wooden piggy banks designed by Architab atelier and produced in Achitab ateliers.

It will be fun to save money thanks to stylish woods. Your guests will not be indifferent to your piggy bank.

Wooden piggy banks that we prepared with your family's photo and these piggy banks that will be kept for a lifetime will be the partners of your deep conversations in the future.

You will be surprised how durable the wooden piggy banks, which are prepared with a double-strength formula against scratches and aging, are.

It has been specially protected so that the prints on it do not disappear over time.

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