Office Equipment

Wooden Menu Holder

QR Code Menu Holder

Architab brand's next-generation QR code Cafe Restaurant menus. Made entirely from natural wood, this stand allows QR codes to be elegantly displayed on tables in cafes and restaurants. Its angular design and stylish wood texture are eye-catching, and it's also quite compact, measuring 9cm in width, 13.5cm in height, and 3.6cm in thickness. The product...
Wooden Furniture

CoffeeVessel Wooden Coffee Bar

Architab Coffee Corner With its aesthetic design and functionality, elevates your coffee experience to the next level. Crafted from pine wood, this elegant corner unit measures 151 cm in height, 83 cm in width, and 41.5 cm in depth, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. The machine placement area, measuring 42x39 cm, is equipped with LED lighting...
Architab Fairy Chimneys Inspired Wooden LED Desk Lamp is designed drawing inspiration from Cappadocia's famous fairy chimneys. This lamp, resembling a semi-circle, features LED lighting inside that is controlled by magnetized balls, creating a magical effect. When the separate balls suspended by fishing lines approach each other, the lamp illuminates....
Colorful Retro Zigzag Patterned Wooden Seperators These elegant designs offer an excellent option for dividing and organizing your spaces and at the same time coloring them. Thanks to the hinges, you can position them the way you want and add an original touch to your spaces. The laser-cut retro zigzag patterns inside bring movement and vitality to your...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Bi-directional design A5 brochure stand

It provides a decorative and durable appearance with its natural wood structure and acrylic glass front. Thanks to its double-sided design, you can display two different advertisements or brochures at the same time. Our stand, designed for A5 paper size, has an ergonomic structure for long-term use. This stand, which offers easy cleaning, offers a...

Self Servis Tabelası

This special design can be an excellent indoor sign for many businesses such as cafes, restaurants, markets, shops. It adds a natural touch to your space with its stylish and decorative appearance. If you want to create your own custom signage with a message used instead of a "Self Service" print, feel free to contact us next. By purchasing two identical...
Natural Wooden Lantern Signage Check out our natural wooden lantern sign design product that you can use in your hotel, cafe or restaurant or even in your office. It can be used as a routing sign, you can use it as a wall decor. At the bottom of the page, you can find the dimensions and other information about the product.
Wooden Furniture

Natural Wooden Dresser

Are you looking for a different dresser model? If you are looking for a custom-made wooden dresser rather than the same products, check out the Architab Atelier collection. With its elegant design and useful dimensions; It will change the atmosphere of your home or workplace.
Create extra space on the counter with a wooden shelf Check out our shelf product that can be used on natural wood countertops. In addition to its decorative and stylish structure, it creates a special area where you can stack your Turkish coffee machine and coffee jar, cups, spices and other products. The wood is protected with a special water-based paint.
Don't Forget to Choose Your Letter For the extra letter you want to buy, select the letter from the drop-down menu and add it to your cart. You can repeat the process for each different letter or number you need. 10 copies of each letter you choose and add to the cart are sent.
Wall Decors

Wooden Blackboard Letter Chart

Plug and Play Letter Price and Direction Sign It is fully compatible with cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, hospitals, offices and all other workplaces. It is a decorative and stylish letter board. Thanks to its detachable letter design, you can use it as a menu and price list, or as a direction sign, or as a sign showing your floor plans. Forget going to...
Wooden Furniture

Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Shelf

Multipurpose natural wood flying shelf Are you looking for a decorative shelf with a small footprint? You can use this product as a jar rack, spice rack and wooden towel holder in your kitchen. You can easily arrange your liquid soap, toothbrush and cosmetics in your bathroom, as well as hang your hand and face towels. You can use it for many years by...
Wooden Furniture

Wooden Towel Rack

Wooden Towel Rack You can use it for your hand towel or paper towel by mounting it between the counter or on any wall in your kitchen, and you can put your spices, jars and other small equipment in the shelf section. You can use it by hanging your cosmetics and towel in your bathroom. If you wish, you can mount it on the wall as a guest towel holder and...

Checkout Counter Stand

Are you looking for a stand to display packaged products in front of the cash register? Check out our natural wood stand. With the harmony of black and wood colors, your products stand out one step further. Thanks to its two-storey design, you can stock more products in narrower spaces. With the logo field, you can operate the name of your place, brand or...

Take Away Cafe Stand

Coffee Shop Take Away Stand Check out the special design we prepared for your coffee shop. A decorative and stylish stand that gathers the products in the area where your customers will put the final touches on their drinks. It holds straw area, stick sugar bowl, napkin holder, cutlery, plastic and wooden cutlery, wet wipes compartment, paper insert...
Wall Decors

Wall Mounted Paper Cup Stand

Wall mounted paper cup stand A product that will gather the cardboard cups you use in your cafe or workplace. With this product, which you will use by mounting it on the wall, you will save space on the counter. With this product, which is adjusted to 4 different sizes of glasses, your services will now be much faster. You take your brand image one step...
catering trays

Paper Cup Holder Stand

Wooden Cardboard Cup Stand and Z Tier Napkin Holder Do you serve hot drinks in your office, hotel or workplace with cardboard cups and instant tea and coffee? With our wooden catering stand, you can stack over 100 large cardboard cups or small cardboard cups. With the Z napkin holder area, you will have a more comfortable presentation for your guests....
Wooden Furniture

Tea Coffee Cabinet with Carved Lid

Are you looking for a tea coffee stand with carved lids? If you are looking for a useful cabinet to make your treats faster and tidier while hosting your guests in your office, home or workplace, you are at the right address. Thanks to the Architab Atelier designed tea and coffee stand, you will now have a much more tidy beverage area. Moreover, you can...
Wall Decors

Tortoise Trainer Wooden Table

Tumbled Frame Turtle Trainer Chart This work of Osman Hamdi Bey, which requires patience and aims to achieve the task of training turtles with the ney flute in his hand and the nakkare on his back, depicts the wall of the room on the upper floor of the Bursa Green Mosque. The tiles on the wall have been shed in places, the plaster is removed and the tiles...
Wooden Osman Hamdi Bey Paintings If you are looking for retro wooden paintings, check out the products we prepared from Ottoman period paintings. Attention please! The prints of the pictures in our paintings are printed on real wood. Thank you for not making comparisons with ephemeral canvas paintings. Our tables, which are in AA quality furniture class,...
Phone Holders

Rainbow Phone Holder

Rainbow Patterns One of the rising decoration elements of recent times is the rainbow. Let us give you an example of these colorful patterns that we come across in many areas from bedding to pillows, from wall decorations to upholstery fabrics. Rainbow also suits our wooden stands that we have prepared for phone and tablet use. These stands, which you can...
Phone Holders

Tea Design Wooden Phone Holder

Tea Printed Wooden Phone Stand Are you also a tea lover? We seem to hear you say you can't do it if it's not during the day. Then this tea-designed wooden phone stand is special for you. It is a product that will make it very easy to use the phone both at home and while working. Our phone or tablet holder designed entirely from natural wood. The image on...
Bread Presentation

Natural Wooden Bread Box

Natural Wooden Bread Box for Cafe, Restaurant and Hotels Are you looking for products that are compatible with each other for your restaurant, cafe or hotel? As Architab Atelier, we bring together products based on your concept and request. We take shape completely according to your wishes and needs and produce special products only for you. Our natural...
catering trays

Wooden Tea-Coffee Stand

Natural Wooden Tea-Coffee stand Of course, there are sections in your office or hotel that you want to stay organized. This tea-coffee stand is for you. It provides a wide area of use with its cup compartment and tea and coffee varieties. If you wish, you can choose for porcelain cups or cardboard cups, they are designed to be compatible with both. Apart...

Are you looking for wooden equipment to use in the office?

When you examine the office tools we have prepared using natural woods, be ready to forget all the standard products you are used to seeing until today.

Architab is a design and manufacturing workshop. You can examine our special wooden designs that you will want to use in the office environment in this category.

Have you examined the 3D decorative wooden nameplates?

Three-dimensional wooden desktop nameplates are both easy to read and have a very stylish usage area. In this product, where we process the logo of your workplace free of charge, it is much more useful with the business card compartment just behind the logo area. It is a special gift that you can present to your friends.

Examine the wooden desk pads that help tidy up your desk.

Do your pens, glasses, keys, business cards and other tools on your desk make everything look messy? The solution is in Architab with wooden desktop organizers.

Have you seen the wooden designs we prepared for your memo pads?

If you are looking for a notepad paper holder, check out our category. Fun pads, one more than the other, are in Architab.

Check out our wooden office trays to compile your in-office treats.

The most elegant solution to serve your tea and coffee treats next to your kettle.

Are you looking for a natural wooden pencil holder?

Our desktop pen holder models are produced from natural woods and can be personalized.

Looking for a great gift for your friend to use in the office?

If you are looking for a gift for your friend to use in the office, you are at the right place for the most different designs.

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