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Master Bedroom Tinyhouse

Tiny House Hotel For Sale Check out our hotel room concept tiny house model. Our vehicle, prepared with natural wood and unique design, is here with the concept of a hotel room for two people. It is a very stylish and highly insulated house that you can use either by the sea or as a chalet in the forest or in the valleys. It can produce its own...
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Hotel Check-in Check-out Time Table

The table behind the reception showing the hotel entrance and exit times If you don't want to use standard products for your hotel, check out the Architab Atelier collections. Check out our table arranging the Hotel Check-in and Check-out hours, which we designed and prepared from natural solid wood. The wooden table, on which we embroider the logo of...
Our clock, which is made of solid wood, can be used both on the wall and on the table. Thanks to its hand-turn mechanism, it is ideal for any corner wall use. It is an ideal design for those who want wooden naturalness in the space, it adapts to your furniture with its light and dark color design. This wall clock, which we are accustomed to seeing at...

Are you looking for a wooden wall clock and desk clock to use in your hotel decorations? Decorative Clocks

We design wooden carved wall clocks to use in the decoration of your hotel or travel agency. We harmonize the products we have designed specifically for your logo with the concept of your hotel.

You can buy wall clocks, which we will prepare specially for you, by writing to us the capitals of the countries you want, in appropriate and high quality online. Among the country's capitals; We can prepare Istanbul, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Berlin, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, London, Riyadh and more for you and send them to your address. You can use the capitals of the countries you want in hotels, holiday villages, motels, foreign education institutions, tourism agencies, bus companies.

We can make changes on the designs on sale on our site and reproduce them in the sizes you want.

You can order from our website with a few clicks to have our wooden decorative clock designs that we offer from manufacturing to sale at affordable prices.


The clock is the invention that has the most deep-rooted history that we do not miss in order to learn time management and time in the areas where our lives continue. It is a tool that we want to have near us at all times to keep track of the time. Of course, watches have a technical function, but they are also very stylish decorative objects. By examining the watch models designed and produced by Architab atelier, you can buy the most suitable watch for your concept right away.

We aim to create a different and interesting detail in your wall decorations by modernizing the designs of old times with the aged wooden models that we have prepared specially for those who love nostalgia.

So, for which part of your home or workplace are you looking for a watch?

You will love the collection we have prepared for you with our wide variety of models from kitchen clocks to hotel clocks and even children's room clocks! You can have many different designs such as modern wall clocks, vintage wall clocks, classic wall clocks with just a few clicks, and you can get them delivered to your address.

Are you ready to chase time with Architab Atelier design decorative wall clocks? Wall clock prices vary according to clock model, workmanship and wood used. Are you ready to examine our wall clock models, which are one of the complementary parts in places such as homes, hotels, offices, restaurants and cafes?

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