Presentation Equipment

Ahsap Sunumlar

Classic Turned Foot Tray

Classic Lovers Are You Here? Here is a tray just for you! While our solid wood carved tray will take you back to the old days, the naturalness and warmth of wood will surround you in the area you will use. It is easy to grasp and very stylish with its tiny lathe feet. The usage area is up to you! You can use it as a table, coffee table, dresser-top...
Inkwell and dip The word inkwell, which means “small box” in Arabic, is commonly used for bowl-shaped vessels for ink. The word divit, which comes from devât, became the name of the writing set consisting of an inkwell, pen and pencil holder in Turkish. Today, the inkwell is used by a certain number of calligraphers. Examples of old inkwells have taken...
Wooden Cup Coasters

Fish Patterned Round Coaster

The fish! These cute animals, which some people like to eat and some like to feed, are also used a lot in decoration products. If there are fish figures among the seafood menu of the summer tables, the decoration is complete. Fish is an indispensable symbol next to blue and white colors. wooden coasters Our fish-patterned wooden coasters will bring warmth...
Wooden Spices

ViP Restaurant Bar Set

Full Team Cafe Restaurant Management Set Special for cafe restaurants and steak houses aiming to provide full service to their customers; Check out our collection for giant solutions in small sizes. If you find it difficult to find a spice set suitable for your table size, check out the clever designs prepared by Architab atelier. With our long-lasting...
Bread Presentation

Natural Wooden Bread Box

Natural Wooden Bread Box for Cafe, Restaurant and Hotels Are you looking for products that are compatible with each other for your restaurant, cafe or hotel? As Architab Atelier, we bring together products based on your concept and request. We take shape completely according to your wishes and needs and produce special products only for you. Our natural...
catering trays

Wooden Tea-Coffee Stand

Natural Wooden Tea-Coffee stand Of course, there are sections in your office or hotel that you want to stay organized. This tea-coffee stand is for you. It provides a wide area of use with its cup compartment and tea and coffee varieties. If you wish, you can choose for porcelain cups or cardboard cups, they are designed to be compatible with both. Apart...
Phone Holders

Wooden Tree Phone Stand

Natural Wood Phone Holder With Tree Design For those who love nature and green and want to feel the peace it gives, I suggest you take a look at our tree model phone stand. As you use it, you will understand how necessary a tool our phone stands, which will fit into your office and home environment, are actually. You can be sure that your work will be...
Colorful Tea Serving Plates We dream of a warm cup of tea when you come out cold. Or do you think we should drink a cup of tea to cool off in the heat of summer? When a guest comes or as a guest, the first thing to ask is do you drink tea? If you want to offer tea, which is one of our indispensable drinks, both while you drink it yourself and while...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Buffet note and nameplate

Buffet catering notepads Generally, in the open buffets of hotels, you have to specify the content of the food you serve to the customers. In such cases, it is often necessary to resort to solutions that are not very decorative. Because it is very difficult to find a product that combines these contents in a way that is easy to read and decorative. Check...
Wooden Spices

Extra wooden spice set

Cafe Restaurant Type Wooden Spice Set You can find stylish spice sets in our cafe and restaurant equipment category. If you run a restaurant that serves meat; Apart from the standard spices such as salt and pepper, you may also want to serve chili pepper and thyme. It is a very stylish set with extra spices that we have specially prepared for such...
fastfood plates

Pita Serving Board

Pita Serving Board Check out our wooden serving board with a very stylish design that you can use as a hamburger serving tray. These products, which we prepared from natural wood, are serving plates. You can examine our presentation plate models in categories. You can examine different models for home use and cafe restaurant use. You can decorate your...
Types of Cookie

Three striped snack presentation

Wooden Serving Plate Check out our natural wood serving plate design. Your snacks will now look much more stylish with our design with three line-shaped compartments. You can use it as biscuit presentation, cookie presentation and chocolate presentation. If you wish, you can decorate the wooden plate, cover it with cling film and take it as a gift to your...
Types of Cookie

Three Section Wooden Snack Holder

Divided Wooden Plate Check out our three-section natural wood serving plate design. You can freely use this product, which has just been added to our collection, either as a snack or in your other presentations. You can use it in your home, workplace or office, to serve your guests or for yourself. Thanks to its handy dimensions, your treats are neither...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Round Divided Wooden Serving Plate

Chocolate Plate Models Are you looking for a wooden serving plate for your home, office, cafe or restaurant? Check out our new Collection. If you wish, to offer candy chocolate during the holidays; Or you may want it to be part of your breakfast. Or a presentation equipment that will help you a lot while preparing tiny snacks for your children. You can...
Wooden Snack Bowl With our cookie plate designed from natural wood, you can now serve the treats you prepare for your guests or; You don't have to deal with more than one plate while preparing a snack at home in front of the TV. With our partitioned wooden serving plate model, you can easily separate your treats from each other and prepare a pleasant...
tea plates

Treated Wooden Tea Plate

Tea is our indispensable drink. After water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. Tea has a different place in Turkish culture, tea is our national guest drink, for example, it is pleasure for us, tea is brewed for a long time in samovars. It is drunk in small glasses in thin-waisted glasses. There are coffee shops in the neighborhoods, but...
Masa üstü Set-up

Black Wood Management Set

Cafe and Restaurant Equipments Wooden Spice Set If you wish that the equipment you will buy is not moisture-proof, long-lasting and durable; You can choose a wooden salt shaker, pepper shaker and a menage set. We have a special wooden pepper shaker design for chili pepper service. Please contact us. You can find our wooden spice rack models in our desktop...
breakfast plates

Wooden Tray Self Service Tray

Looking for a self-service tray from Wooden Plate? Wooden serving tray prices may vary depending on the dimensions of the designed product and the type of wood used. You can get an idea about the price range by examining the Architab workshop collection. You can find the most suitable model for your cafe restaurant by examining our wooden fastfood...

Heart Real Wood Phone Stand

If you are looking for a different gift for your loved one or friend, here is our brand new phone stand.. In fact, a phone stand is a product that you only understand when you use it. While it is nice to have it on your desk at work, right at the corner of your eye, they are actively used in our home, you say "it's good to stand vertically" while doing...
Let's go to the oldies... What's the value of the hands holding a pen, what's important are those who can read and write, right? For some reason, this pen reminded me of those days... Yes, now the phone is on the table to hold it, but it's as if the person working at this desk could write beautifully, as if he had been a great man who read, even a single...
Presentation Equipment

PatchWork Serving Wooden Plate

Are you looking for a natural wood serving plate with a handle? Thanks to its ergonomic handle and large serving bowl, you can make a wide variety of presentations with this plate. You can use the wooden presentation plate designed in rainbow colors comfortably in cafes, restaurants or at home. It is a stylish equipment for all kinds of presentations. It...
Are you looking for an authentic serving plate carved from natural woods? You will love our very stylish decorative wooden plates with different color options. You can use it in your dessert and snack presentations, or you can fill it with decorative objects and use it as a tabletop decor. You can combine it with old decors or with modern furniture....
Kilim Patterned Natural Wood Serving Tray Are you looking for practical and stylish wooden trays that take up little space for daily use? You will love our Architab workshop design natural wood trays. Check out our wooden tray collection with its ergonomic structure and different sizes suitable for every use. If you can't find a place to put bulky trays,...
Are you looking for practical and stylish wooden trays that take up little space for daily use? You will love our Architab workshop design natural wood trays. Check out our wooden tray collection with its ergonomic structure and different sizes suitable for every use. If you can't find a place to put bulky trays, this tray is for you. We don't always have...
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