Decorative seat tray design with portraits of legendary names
Decorative seat tray design with portraits of legendary names
Decorative seat tray design with portraits of legendary names
Decorative seat tray design with portraits of legendary names

Celebrities Sofa Table

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Are you looking for a coffee table where you can place your drinks and food comfortably on armchairs or sitting area? Check out our ergonomic structure, water and scratch resistant sofa stand designs that can be used by laying down and take the shape of the seat when laid on it.

Are you looking for decorative accessories in color and style that are compatible with your sofa and room? In our sofa table collection, we have a wooden coffee table model for every taste and compatible with every furniture.

Are you looking for an alternative to the nesting table for your food and beverage treats? Nesting table models may not fit your home or it may not be easy to remove your existing nesting tables, sofa tables are here as a light and very durable alternative.


Multi-purpose sofa stands that match your armchairs.

  • It has dimensions of 30x50 cm.
  • Its weight is approximately 1kg.
  • It can be used both on the armrest of your seat and in the sitting area with its laying feature.
  • Thanks to its foldable design, it adapts to any surface.
  • It is an alternative to the nesting table while serving your drinks and food.
  • Although it is light, it clings to the fabric surface very strongly.
  • It is protected against scratches, water and impacts with a double reinforced anti-scratch formula.
  • It is not suitable for washing with a dishwasher.
  • It can be wiped and dried with a damp cloth.
  • The prints on it are under the varnish protection layer. Prints do not fade or fade.
  • They are decorative and stylishly designed products that you can use for many years and will be your closest friend in your conversations.

You can gift it to your girlfriend, a gift to your mother, a gift to your father, a gift to a friend, and a gift to your wife.

Architab is a wood and textile workshop since 2010. Our products are designed by our own design team and come to life in the hands of our masters.

We can prepare our designs specifically for companies. For example, we can embroider your business logo on products by printing, laser engraving or engraving. We can resize it to suit your intended use.

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All of our products are EAN-13 barcode. All necessary legal basis for corporate sales is ready. For detailed information, you can contact us at e-mail address.

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