Staff Name Badge

Are you looking for a wooden name badge (name badge) for your staff?
Strengthen your corporate corporate structure with magnetic collar name tags that we specially prepared by laser cutting from light wood.

Magnetic collar nameplate.
With its strong magnet, it provides a comfortable use even on thick fabrics. The absence of needles is important so that the clothes are not pierced.

It always stands upright with light wood!
No one likes name tags, which are produced with heavy iron materials and create an ugly appearance by bending the collar down. It is both difficult to read and does not serve its purpose. However, the specially designed wooden nameplates stand upright in all fabric types thanks to their light structure and offer a comfortable reading area.

Name badges can be changed.
Does it bother you to hide the badges of your dismissed personnel? You will get rid of this burden thanks to the name tags designed by Architab Atelier and the name tags can be changed. Remove the name of your dismissed personnel from the badge and print the name of the new personnel on paper and attach it to the nameplate easily. It's all that simple.

Names are protected by acrylic glass.
You can print out the names and easily place them on the badge on the back. Thanks to the acrylic glass on the front, the paper on which the names are written remains under protection.

long-term use.
Thanks to its robust structure, badges can be used for a long time. It is really difficult to remove from the place where you stick it with special magnets with two cards increased strength.

Let the collar name tags be special to your logo!
We design your wooden collar name tags specially for your logo in order to fit your concept. Take your customer satisfaction to the next level while your brand is at the forefront.

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