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Wooden Menu Holder

QR Code Menu Holder

Architab brand's next-generation QR code Cafe Restaurant menus. Made entirely from natural wood, this stand allows QR codes to be elegantly displayed on tables in cafes and restaurants. Its angular design and stylish wood texture are eye-catching, and it's also quite compact, measuring 9cm in width, 13.5cm in height, and 3.6cm in thickness. The product...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Buffet note and nameplate

Buffet catering notepads Generally, in the open buffets of hotels, you have to specify the content of the food you serve to the customers. In such cases, it is often necessary to resort to solutions that are not very decorative. Because it is very difficult to find a product that combines these contents in a way that is easy to read and decorative. Check...
table numerator

Reserved Wooden Table Number

Cafe and Restaurant Reserved Wooden Table Number Examine the table numbers we produce by designing them from natural wood. It can be seen from afar thanks to the awareness of the red reserved letter. Cafe and restaurant logo can be printed on wood with digital printing, either in single color or multicolor. In this way, the value of your brand becomes...
Cafe and Restaurant Wooden Equipment

Wooden Napkin Holder and Table Number

Looking for Wooden Napkin Holder and Table Numberer? You can examine and order our napkin holders, which we produce by designing from natural solid wood, on our website. With its ergonomic design, it serves multiple purposes at the same time without occupying much space on the table. If you wish, you can easily keep the menus that you want to stay on the...
Wooden sugar bowl, salt shaker and table number in one, special design for your logo Wooden sugar bowl, salt shaker and table number in one, special design for your logo 2
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Table Top Equipments

Wooden Desktop set-up salt shaker sugar bowl

Wooden table top cafe / restaurant set-up, our table number design Table top design is very important for cafes and restaurants. Many businesses find it difficult to put together compatible equipment and there is unnecessary crowding and incompatibility on the table. With natural wood desktop equipment designed by Architab Atelier, we bring solutions...

Need a wooden table numerator?
Architab is a design and application workshop. Thanks to the natural wooden table numbers we have designed for you, the orders within your business will not be confused and your employees will be able to find the tables very easily.

Is Table Number Required in Cafes and Restaurants?
Desk numbers speed up the daily workflow. It helps you to know and serve your customers from the first moment of entry to exit. Wooden table numerators are a great help during the taking and delivery of orders. At the same time, the fact that your customers will use this number when making payments will make your account work very comfortable.

I already have few tables, do I need a number?
The desk number is an indicator of how seriously you take your job. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, you may not always remember which customer has an account or what order they have. No matter how strong your memory is, putting the orders in writing is both in the preparation phase; It will save you from being in a difficult situation both during the delivery of orders and at the time of payment.

How many table numbers can I order at least?
Architab Atelier can produce as many table numbers as you need.

Let my table number be different from the others.
We can custom design our table numbers with your logo. You can even contact us for equipment that is compatible with your concept and interior design.

Your corporate identity is important to us. We highlight your logo.
We produce wood carving, burning and printed equipment that is compatible with your corporate identity and highlights your logo or the symbols you use.

Self-reserved table number.
Have you seen our table number design with its own reserve apparatus? When the table is reserved, simply attach the apparatus. In this way, you will not need an extra reserve letter.

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