Table Top Equipments


No Smoking Sign

Looking for a no smoking warning sign? Would you like to buy a non-smoking sign that you can use comfortably in hotel rooms or offices and workplaces by placing it on the desktop? In contrast to the huge paper notices that hang on the walls, it is a kinder and more interesting sign. You can customize the wooden sign no smoking text if you wish. For...

Take Away Cafe Stand

Coffee Shop Take Away Stand Check out the special design we prepared for your coffee shop. A decorative and stylish stand that gathers the products in the area where your customers will put the final touches on their drinks. It holds straw area, stick sugar bowl, napkin holder, cutlery, plastic and wooden cutlery, wet wipes compartment, paper insert...
Wooden Stick Sugar Bowl

Wooden Stick Sugar Bowl and Napkin Holder

Looking for a Multifunctional Sugar Stick? Check out our tabletop sugar bowl model. You can also use our model, which you can use as a wooden cafe type napkin holder, to put your menus if you wish. You can also see our models with spice holders by examining our cafe sugar bowl collection. Our wooden stick sugar bowl model is compatible with all stick...
Wooden Spices

Square Wooden Salt Shaker Sugar Bowl Set

Cubic Spice Set Our wooden table top set designed for small tables includes salt shaker and pepper shakers, stick sugar and napkin holders. The texts on it can be written in different languages upon your request. We can print your table number or company logo on the area behind the napkin. In our set of removable modules, you can only fill the sugar bowl...
Masa üstü Set-up

Wooden Spice Napkin Set

Wooden Cafe Restaurant Sugar Bowl Are you looking for a table top wooden napkin holder, sugar bowl and spice holders together? Check out our product, which creates a very ergonomic presentation area with a width of only twenty-five centimeters and a length of fifteen centimeters. Decorative and stylish, moreover, its parts can be separated from the table...
Wooden Spices

ViP Restaurant Bar Set

Full Team Cafe Restaurant Management Set Special for cafe restaurants and steak houses aiming to provide full service to their customers; Check out our collection for giant solutions in small sizes. If you find it difficult to find a spice set suitable for your table size, check out the clever designs prepared by Architab atelier. With our long-lasting...
Wooden Spices

Portable Wooden Case

Wooden Bag Tea Box and Spice Sauce Box Are you looking for a wooden case or wooden box that you can use on the table to organize your tea bags? Check out our aged wooden case design with its portable design and ergonomic dimensions. Thanks to its special dimensions, it is a product that you can easily use to compile your packaged products such as napkin...
Wooden Spices

Extra wooden spice set

Cafe Restaurant Type Wooden Spice Set You can find stylish spice sets in our cafe and restaurant equipment category. If you run a restaurant that serves meat; Apart from the standard spices such as salt and pepper, you may also want to serve chili pepper and thyme. It is a very stylish set with extra spices that we have specially prepared for such...
Wooden Spices

Natural wooden salt and pepper shakers

Decorative natural wood salt and pepper shakers With the natural wooden salt shakers designed by Architab, your dampened salt problem will no longer exist. By its nature, wood absorbs moisture and prevents salt from becoming a ball. In this way, it is much more useful than porcelain salt shakers that you have to clean by spending long shifts. It is...
Masa üstü Set-up

Black Wood Management Set

Cafe and Restaurant Equipments Wooden Spice Set If you wish that the equipment you will buy is not moisture-proof, long-lasting and durable; You can choose a wooden salt shaker, pepper shaker and a menage set. We have a special wooden pepper shaker design for chili pepper service. Please contact us. You can find our wooden spice rack models in our desktop...
table numerator

Reserved Wooden Table Number

Cafe and Restaurant Reserved Wooden Table Number Examine the table numbers we produce by designing them from natural wood. It can be seen from afar thanks to the awareness of the red reserved letter. Cafe and restaurant logo can be printed on wood with digital printing, either in single color or multicolor. In this way, the value of your brand becomes...
Wooden Menu Holder

QR Code Menu Holder

Architab brand's next-generation QR code Cafe Restaurant menus. Made entirely from natural wood, this stand allows QR codes to be elegantly displayed on tables in cafes and restaurants. Its angular design and stylish wood texture are eye-catching, and it's also quite compact, measuring 9cm in width, 13.5cm in height, and 3.6cm in thickness. The product...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Buffet note and nameplate

Buffet catering notepads Generally, in the open buffets of hotels, you have to specify the content of the food you serve to the customers. In such cases, it is often necessary to resort to solutions that are not very decorative. Because it is very difficult to find a product that combines these contents in a way that is easy to read and decorative. Check...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Bi-directional design A5 brochure stand

It provides a decorative and durable appearance with its natural wood structure and acrylic glass front. Thanks to its double-sided design, you can display two different advertisements or brochures at the same time. Our stand, designed for A5 paper size, has an ergonomic structure for long-term use. This stand, which offers easy cleaning, offers a...
Bread Presentation

Natural Wooden Bread Box

Natural Wooden Bread Box for Cafe, Restaurant and Hotels Are you looking for products that are compatible with each other for your restaurant, cafe or hotel? As Architab Atelier, we bring together products based on your concept and request. We take shape completely according to your wishes and needs and produce special products only for you. Our natural...
Wooden Menus

Wooden Menu Board

What is a Wooden Menu? Check out our A5 size wooden menu design suitable for Cafe Restaurant and Hotel use Instead of printing new menus for the products you add and remove from your menus every year or at certain intervals, your costs will be reduced by 80% thanks to this menu container, which you can use for many years by changing only 1 page For...
Cafe and Restaurant Wooden Equipment

Wooden Napkin Holder and Table Number

Looking for Wooden Napkin Holder and Table Numberer? You can examine and order our napkin holders, which we produce by designing from natural solid wood, on our website. With its ergonomic design, it serves multiple purposes at the same time without occupying much space on the table. If you wish, you can easily keep the menus that you want to stay on the...
Wooden Desktop set-up salt shaker sugar bowl Wooden Desktop set-up salt shaker sugar bowl 2
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Table Top Equipments

Wooden Desktop set-up salt shaker sugar bowl

Wooden table top cafe / restaurant set-up, our table number design Table top design is very important for cafes and restaurants. Many businesses find it difficult to put together compatible equipment and there is unnecessary crowding and incompatibility on the table. With natural wood desktop equipment designed by Architab Atelier, we bring solutions...

Industrial & Professional Kitchen Equipments

They are designed and manufactured to be used in cafes and restaurants.

The size of your table is important to us!

Not all cafes or restaurants have the same size. For this reason, a standard product may not be suitable for you. NO PROBLEM, however, we can prepare a NEW PRODUCT according to your exact size!

We produce according to your needs.

We shape our designs according to the usage information given by the users. For example, if you want a napkin, will be folded, steep, will be put, which size will be definitely important criteria for us.

Are you preparing a new menu?

Let's cover the wood! So you can change the content at a much lower cost at any time.

Looking for a reservation for your cafe or restaurant?

We are preparing wooden reserves with your logo on it.

Do you need a sugar bowl or napkin holder?

Check out our wood table top solutions for cafes and restaurants, whether you want a single sugar bowl or a single napkin or a complete solution.

Keep your existing menus on the table!

Our table top menu holders are exactly what you need. We prepare it specially for your logo and take up a little space on the table!

Looking for a wooden crate bread or bread basket?

Want to get your logo on? Increase your brand awareness with our logo designs.

Do you need a wooden manager?

Tell us what brand sauces you use, leave aside the useless samples, and we produce you the most solid and stylish wooden manager set!

Would you like to get your employees a badge?

We process your logo on light wood and we make magnetic badges. Both very handy and very stylish.

Need table numbers?

You should see the wooden table number solutions that we will prepare specially for your logo and your concept! We even have options available for both reserve and table number.

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