Types of Cookie


Two-Tier Wooden Presentation

Architab: Where Elegance Meets Wood Elevate your presentation with this exquisite pine wood plate set, meticulously designed for perfection. Its dual-tiered structure combines a 22cm diameter top plate with a 28cm diameter bottom plate, elegantly supported by three wooden legs. Whether it's fruits, cookies, or breakfast delights, Architab brings...
Types of Cookie

Three striped snack presentation

Wooden Serving Plate Check out our natural wood serving plate design. Your snacks will now look much more stylish with our design with three line-shaped compartments. You can use it as biscuit presentation, cookie presentation and chocolate presentation. If you wish, you can decorate the wooden plate, cover it with cling film and take it as a gift to your...
Types of Cookie

Three Section Wooden Snack Holder

Divided Wooden Plate Check out our three-section natural wood serving plate design. You can freely use this product, which has just been added to our collection, either as a snack or in your other presentations. You can use it in your home, workplace or office, to serve your guests or for yourself. Thanks to its handy dimensions, your treats are neither...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Round Divided Wooden Serving Plate

Chocolate Plate Models Are you looking for a wooden serving plate for your home, office, cafe or restaurant? Check out our new Collection. If you wish, to offer candy chocolate during the holidays; Or you may want it to be part of your breakfast. Or a presentation equipment that will help you a lot while preparing tiny snacks for your children. You can...
Types of Cookie

Wooden Snack Compartment Serving Plate

Wooden Snack Bowl With our cookie plate designed from natural wood, you can now serve the treats you prepare for your guests or; You don't have to deal with more than one plate while preparing a snack at home in front of the TV. With our partitioned wooden serving plate model, you can easily separate your treats from each other and prepare a pleasant...
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Carved Wooden Serving Plate

Looking for different touches in wood? Be beautiful, be different, and be natural. Well then... Here is our wooden plate with geometric carvings on the top. Where can I use it? You can use our solid wood serving plate for catering presentations such as chocolate, candy and cookies, or you can combine it with dried flowers on the table to turn it into a...
Ahsap Sunumlar

Divided Square Wooden Serving Plate

Square Wooden Divided Plate Are you looking for my compartmented presentation plate made of natural wood? Check out our 30x30cm split free serving plates. Your presentations are now much more delicious with wooden plates that you can use at home, in the office, in cafes and restaurants. Thanks to its free space, it offers a wide variety of usage areas....

Natural Wood Cookie Plates

If you like small snacks but don't want them all to mix sweet/salty in the same plate, we have the perfect snack plates for you. It consists of 7 hexagonal plates that are fully seated in the tray. It can be used separately or you can carry them all in one tray. Your nuts will be very special! You can serve 7 nuts on a single tray to your guests. How...
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leaf plate

While dieting, your stomach may not be full, but no one can say that you should not be full! You can make your diet more enjoyable with a stylish wooden plate. You can both eat healthy and be happy while preparing and consuming your plate. You can also serve your cookies and nuts to your guests with our wooden plate presentations. Your wooden plate in...

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