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Natural Wooden Dresser

Are you looking for a different dresser model? If you are looking for a custom-made wooden dresser rather than the same products, check out the Architab Atelier collection. With its elegant design and useful dimensions; It will change the atmosphere of your home or workplace.
Wall Decors

Wooden Blackboard Letter Chart

Plug and Play Letter Price and Direction Sign It is fully compatible with cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, hospitals, offices and all other workplaces. It is a decorative and stylish letter board. Thanks to its detachable letter design, you can use it as a menu and price list, or as a direction sign, or as a sign showing your floor plans. Forget going to...
Wooden Furniture

Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Shelf

Multipurpose natural wood flying shelf Are you looking for a decorative shelf with a small footprint? You can use this product as a jar rack, spice rack and wooden towel holder in your kitchen. You can easily arrange your liquid soap, toothbrush and cosmetics in your bathroom, as well as hang your hand and face towels. You can use it for many years by...
Wooden Furniture

Wooden Towel Rack

Wooden Towel Rack You can use it for your hand towel or paper towel by mounting it between the counter or on any wall in your kitchen, and you can put your spices, jars and other small equipment in the shelf section. You can use it by hanging your cosmetics and towel in your bathroom. If you wish, you can mount it on the wall as a guest towel holder and...
Wall Decors

Wall Mounted Paper Cup Stand

Wall mounted paper cup stand A product that will gather the cardboard cups you use in your cafe or workplace. With this product, which you will use by mounting it on the wall, you will save space on the counter. With this product, which is adjusted to 4 different sizes of glasses, your services will now be much faster. You take your brand image one step...
Master Bedroom Tinyhouse Master Bedroom Tinyhouse 2
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Hotel Equipment

Master Bedroom Tinyhouse

Tiny House Hotel For Sale Check out our hotel room concept tiny house model. Our vehicle, prepared with natural wood and unique design, is here with the concept of a hotel room for two people. It is a very stylish and highly insulated house that you can use either by the sea or as a chalet in the forest or in the valleys. It can produce its own...
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Paper Cup Holder Stand

Wooden Cardboard Cup Stand and Z Tier Napkin Holder Do you serve hot drinks in your office, hotel or workplace with cardboard cups and instant tea and coffee? With our wooden catering stand, you can stack over 100 large cardboard cups or small cardboard cups. With the Z napkin holder area, you will have a more comfortable presentation for your guests....
Wall and Ceiling Decors

Seljuk Octagonal Wooden Ceiling Hub

Seljuk Octagonal Wood Carved Ceiling Hub You are at the right address for the octagonal Seljuk star wood carved ceiling core you are looking for for your wooden Ottoman ceiling. You add a new breath to your space with the ceiling hubs designed and manufactured by Architab Atelier. One of the most preferred models among the ceiling core models is the...

Natural Wood Carved Decors

Check out our collection for wall and ceiling decors that complement your space designs. You can find decorative ceiling hubs, paintings for your walls, directional signs, warning signs and much more in this category.

Complete your decoration with natural wood aged products. You can change the atmosphere of the environment with the products that you will complete the space you have prepared in a modern or classical style.

Check out our Seljuk wooden ceiling core models. You can integrate your Ottoman inverted ceiling applications with our complementary carved inverted ceiling models and turn it into an elegant decoration object for your final touch.

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