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Marine-themed wooden wall decor

A very stylish sailor concept wall decor for your nursery, baby room or office. You can add this product, which is carefully decorated with natural wooden shovels and bagels, among your gift ideas. Thanks to the natural and strong structure of wood, you can use it for many years without getting old. These decors, which will never go out of fashion,...

Looking for wooden wall decors to hang in your baby's room?

Your baby's first room, which you look forward to every day for 9 months and 10 days, and where you are happy by always dreaming of the day he will be born and your future years...

We agree with your excitement and we are working to reflect your excitement on our designs.

How about furnishing your child's room with colorful and cheerful pictures that look like they came out of fairy tales? Wooden wall decors designed by Architab Atelier will add both color and dimension to your baby's room.

Our 2d and 3d decorative natural wooden baby room designs fit perfectly into the pastel tones of your baby room.

Increase the charm of baby rooms with cartoon characters or our other stylish designs.

Babies are miraculous creatures that grow very fast and have a different perception structure every day. The room of an individual who grows so fast should be an environment where he can make sense of it, inspire him, and provide peace and happiness as he grows. At this point, sweet and creative baby room wall decorations come into play. You can turn your baby room into a dream world with natural wooden Architab workshop designs, where you can decorate all the walls, doors, windows and even the ceiling.

According to researches; Babies can only distinguish colors and flavors until about a year old. According to this research, the accessories you place in his room do not attract his attention unless they are constantly moving. You can review our architab wooden mobile designs for these periods and add them to your decoration ideas.

However, when you grow up a little bit, you see that he looks at every detail, every subject separately. Architab Atelier baby room wall decorations are also designed to attract the attention of babies in this period and to contribute to their imagination and emotional development. Check out our collection for 3D ideas like writing your baby's name in wooden letters with a sweet font and color on the wall directly opposite your baby's bed.

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