Wooden Led Lighted Watch Box

A special gift for those who love to use watches Are you looking for products that your loved ones will enjoy using while buying gifts? Check out Architab Atelier gift products. Thanks to our customizable natural wood products, gifts that will remind you of your loved ones for a lifetime are here. Those who like to use watches value their watches. Our...
Our clock, which is made of solid wood, can be used both on the wall and on the table. Thanks to its hand-turn mechanism, it is ideal for any corner wall use. It is an ideal design for those who want wooden naturalness in the space, it adapts to your furniture with its light and dark color design. This wall clock, which we are accustomed to seeing at...

Are you looking for wooden clock samples for your home?

Let the most modern state of time advance in your decorations with Wooden Wall Clocks! If you want to animate the wall decorations of your homes and offices, these clocks are for you! While reflecting the warmth you seek to your decoration with decorative wall clocks with fun forms and figures, our wooden clocks prepared with the art of carving will change the atmosphere of your home. Classic and aged wall clocks bearing the signature of architab workshop, which will satisfy the longing of those who love nostalgia, are ready to add a different and interesting detail to your wall decorations by modernizing classical period designs!

For which part of your home did you look for a decorative clock?

From kitchen clocks to children's room clocks and even at your workplace, our collection is waiting for you. Large wall clocks, one of the most popular clock models of recent times, are more suitable for homes with high ceilings. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the width between the wall and the ceiling when choosing a large wall clock. You can have different styles of wall clocks such as modern wall clocks, vintage wall clocks, classic wall clocks by ordering from our online shopping site with just a few clicks.

You can have decorative wall and table clocks with the price advantage of workshop manufacturing.

Bring time to your home with decorative wall clocks signed by Architab workshop. Wall clock prices vary according to clock model, brand and size. If you want to customize our wall clock models, which will be one of the complementary parts of your spaces such as home, office, restaurant and cafe, you can contact us.

Moreover, thanks to our online sales site, where we offer the products designed and produced in our workshop directly, you can have wooden watches that have turned into AA class furniture in the hands of our masters at very affordable prices.

Why should you buy a wooden clock?

Wooden clocks that we produce by designing from natural solid woods are one of your rare decorative items that will not succumb to time. After processing the trees, which are strong by nature, we protect them with a two-fold reinforced anti-scratch formula. In this way, our products will show you the time, while at the same time challenging the years. He will witness pleasant conversations with you and collect good memories.

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