Elvis Presley fans will love this coaster design.
Elvis Presley fans will love this coaster design.
Elvis Presley fans will love this coaster design.
Elvis Presley fans will love this coaster design.

Elvis presley mini pallet coaster

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Are you looking for a special gift for your lover?

Check out our designs that say you'll love it for a lifetime.

Pallet design fashion in coasters

Mini pallet coasters are a product that you can use both in the office and at home.

You can strengthen your presentations with colorful palettes in cafes and restaurants.

Would you like to be able to drink your tea, coffee and cold drinks comfortably at your table?

Your hot drinks can leave glass marks on your table over time. Do not try to remove stains with long efforts. You can protect your tables by using coasters.

Are your cold drinks sweating and leaving a stain on your table?

We recommend you to use pallet coasters if you want the water particles accumulating outside of the humidified glasses in the summer not to leave a mark on your table.


Natural wooden mini pallet coasters

  • 10cm X 10cm sizes.
  • The approximate weight is 50 grams.
  • Natural wood materials are cut by laser cutting.
  • There is absolutely no splinter residue.
  • The pressure on it is a digital pigment dye print product that doesn't harm health.
  • Erasable. No machine wash.
  • Ergonomic design for long-term use.
  • It adds color and vitality to the area.
  • No screws are used.
  • 1 cup coin fee.

Usage areas

Suitable for use at home, at work, in the office, in cafes and restaurants, in tea gardens. Mini pallet coasters can be used as promotional product.

You can use mini pallets as flower pots for your little cactus-like flowers.

Wooden Coaster About Our Design

Since 2010, Architab has been manufacturing wood and textiles. Our products are designed by our own design team and can be found in the hands of our masters.

We are able to prepare our designs for the companies. For example, we can process your company's logo by printing, laser engraving or engraving. We can resize according to your intended use.

Corporate sales

All of our products are EAN-13 barcode. All required legal basis for corporate sales is ready. For more information, please contact us at info@hitab.net.

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