Wooden Lamp

Wooden Lamp

Fairy Chimneys Design LED Table Lamp

Architab Fairy Chimneys Inspired Wooden LED Desk Lamp is designed drawing inspiration from Cappadocia's famous fairy chimneys. This lamp, resembling a semi-circle, features LED lighting inside that is controlled by magnetized balls, creating a magical effect. When the separate balls suspended by fishing lines approach each other, the lamp illuminates....

Wooden Led Lighted Watch Box

A special gift for those who love to use watches Are you looking for products that your loved ones will enjoy using while buying gifts? Check out Architab Atelier gift products. Thanks to our customizable natural wood products, gifts that will remind you of your loved ones for a lifetime are here. Those who like to use watches value their watches. Our...
Wooden Lamp

Wooden Lamp Round

Decorative and stylish natural wood lamp Add color to your spaces with a decorative lamp made of wood and powered by LED technology. Perfect for home lighting or hotel room lighting. This wooden lighting, which you will love with its ergonomic size and durable structure as well as low electricity consumption, is the Architab Atelier design. With its...

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You can decorate your home, workplace or hotel rooms with lamp models, all of which are designed and manufactured by Architab workshop.

You can reach the content we have prepared about wooden lighting construction on our blog pages. As we add new products to our wooden chandelier and wooden pedestal lighting collections, we post them on our social media accounts. You can take a quick look at our new products by following them.

Stylish designs that you can use for wooden wall lighting are here.

You can make your spaces much more stylish by combining our wooden lamp models and wooden floor lamps. Buy decorative lamps from the manufacturer at a very affordable price by following the campaign and discounted products.

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