Wooden Menus

Wooden Menu Holder

QR Code Menu Holder

Architab brand's next-generation QR code Cafe Restaurant menus. Made entirely from natural wood, this stand allows QR codes to be elegantly displayed on tables in cafes and restaurants. Its angular design and stylish wood texture are eye-catching, and it's also quite compact, measuring 9cm in width, 13.5cm in height, and 3.6cm in thickness. The product...
Hotel Menu and Indexes

Bi-directional design A5 brochure stand

It provides a decorative and durable appearance with its natural wood structure and acrylic glass front. Thanks to its double-sided design, you can display two different advertisements or brochures at the same time. Our stand, designed for A5 paper size, has an ergonomic structure for long-term use. This stand, which offers easy cleaning, offers a...
Wooden Menus

Wooden Menu Board

What is a Wooden Menu? Check out our A5 size wooden menu design suitable for Cafe Restaurant and Hotel use Instead of printing new menus for the products you add and remove from your menus every year or at certain intervals, your costs will be reduced by 80% thanks to this menu container, which you can use for many years by changing only 1 page For...

Looking for a wooden menu container?
Have you checked out our menu container designs, all of which are made of solid wood?

Naturalness and durability together!
Our wooden carved menu container designs, which we produce in AA class furniture quality and each of which has added value with handcraft, will be your equipment that your customers will not want to let go of.

Let your customers touch your logo.
We emboss your logo on solid wood. Your logo is only a touch away from the menu that comes to the customer's hand. This will add value for your brand and give your customers the chance to experience a unique wood carving work.

They will never forget you.
They will never forget you when you touch the fingertips of your guests, who taste the delicious food and drinks you have prepared and spend a unique time in your concept. Bringing your brand to the fore will help you a lot in your long-term advertising policies.

Scratch resistant.
It is true that we treat all of our wood products as premium furniture. Thanks to two layers of anti-scratch varnish, your products will stay new for a long time, and the logos and prints on them will never be erased.

Meet the solid wood quality.
Forget about simple and artificial materials you have tried before, such as MDF veneer and contra. Take the quality of your space to the next level with the quality and durability of real wood.

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