Extra wooden spice set
Extra wooden spice set
Extra wooden spice set
Extra wooden spice set
Extra wooden spice set
Extra wooden spice set

Extra wooden spice set

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Cafe Restaurant Type Wooden Spice Set

You can find stylish spice sets in our cafe and restaurant equipment category.

If you run a restaurant that serves meat; Apart from the standard spices such as salt and pepper, you may also want to serve chili pepper and thyme. It is a very stylish set with extra spices that we have specially prepared for such occasions.

Red pepper and thyme jars get enough spice. You can also use cumin or cloves if you wish. Thanks to the spoon area, you can easily place the spoon you want into the jar.

With the natural warmth of wood, your delicious menus that you offer to your guests will appeal to the eye.


restaurant spice sets

Are you looking for a special wooden spice rack for your restaurant? Check out our tabletop spice set, which is prepared from wood in chili pepper and thyme jars. With napkin, toothpick and stick candy compartments, all your tabletop equipment in your restaurant stays tidy. Thanks to its ergonomic dimensions, it does not take up much space on the table.

  • The bottom table has the dimensions of 15cm X 34cm.
  • Stick candy area 7cm X 5cm
  • Toothpick place 3.5cm X 5cm
  • The diameter of the wooden jars is 6.5cm
  • The depth of the wooden jars is 3cm
  • Napkin area width 2.5cm (you can put napkins up to 20cm long)
  • Wooden salt shaker does not hold moisture.
  • It has a very elegant and decorative appearance.
  • Made of solid wood.
  • Table numbers and your logo are embroidered free of charge.
  • Protected against scratching with two layers of reinforced varnish.
  • It can be wiped with a damp cloth. It cannot be machine washed.
  • It has an ergonomic design for long-term use.

Napkin holder and stick sugar bowl models for restaurant

Architab is a wood and textile workshop since 2010. Our products are designed by our own design team and come to life in the hands of our masters.

We can prepare our designs specifically for companies. For example, we can embroider your business logo on products by printing, laser engraving or engraving. We can resize it to suit your intended use.

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All of our products are EAN-13 barcode. All necessary legal basis for corporate sales is ready. For detailed information, you can contact us at info@hitab.net e-mail address.

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