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Playstation 5 Joystick Stand

Are you looking for a special stand for the joystick of your game console? Are you looking for a very stylish idea that you can gift for yourself, your child or a friend? The best product that can be gifted to someone with a Playstation 5.
wooden toys

Wooden Ring Throwing Game

Natural Wooden Ring Throwing Game A great game with you where you will have a great time at home with your children. The ring throwing game not only improves the attention skills of children, but also enables them to make muscle movements. Children also contribute to the development of hand and eye coordination. It attracts the attention of children with...
wooden toys

Wooden Soccer Tactical Board Game

Natural Wood Desktop Football Tactical Game How would you like to spend your free time in a fun way with your family at home or with your team at work? We are all in a quest to minimize the time children spend in front of television, phone, tablet and computer. Check out our tactical toy that we have prepared so that they can develop more motor skills. It...
wooden toys

Mini Weaving Loom Set

Let's See Tiny Hands! One of the important heritages of Turkish Culture is the art of weaving. How would you like to revive this legacy, which is still continuing from the past to the present? Rugs, carpets, throw pillows, wall panels, maybe a baby blanket... Useful for Children, How? This product, which is beneficial for the fine motor development of...
Weaving an Ancient Heritage Weaving; It is a traditional ancestral heritage that entered our culture centuries ago. The Turks used the flat weaving technique; They were used for the first time in the production of nomadic skins. Later, by making use of goat and sheep wool, it was used as ground cover, namely rugs, blankets and pillows. Although we get...
wooden toys

4x4 Matching Game

Are You Ready for Family Fun? Check out our two player strategy game that you can play as a family at home. A tabletop wooden strategy game designed entirely from wood and colored with water-based paints. With the cutthroat competition and strategic moves of two people, you will not be able to notice how the hours pass. If you think that your children...
wooden toys

Vegetables fruits memory game

Wooden memory game with vegetables and fruits theme. Kids and kids, here is a very nice matching game that will appeal to everyone. If you want to do fun activities with your children and teach new information while playing with them, our wooden toys are just for you. Children, who you think are holding on to their tablet and phone, start playing games...

Are you looking for natural wooden toys for your baby or child's development?

Are you looking for a fun, educational, healthy and natural toy for kids? Then your preference should be for wooden toys. Wooden toys, one of the most preferred toy types of recent times, conquered the hearts of parents with their simple but fun and useful structure that appeals to all ages.

Babies and children are in constant close contact with toys. Children touch toys, put them in their mouths. This is a valid reason for us to prefer healthier toys.

It's not that we were all fascinated by the colorful charms of plastic toys for a while... However, we used to wonder about the wooden toys our parents always told us about. The toys they told seemed simple, but today we understand that that generation actually grew up with the right ones...

We color the toys to make them attractive by making digital prints that are not harmful to health with ecological water-based paints.

Architab workshop is a master at adapting to today's technology... Since 2010, with the desire to produce healthy products; We love to carry the technology of the era to our workshop by doing international brand and machine research.

The digital wood printing machines we have, unlike the simple Chinese made machines; It gives us the opportunity to make prints using water-based ecological paints. We turn this opportunity into an advantage while preparing wooden toys. A complete long-term advantage both for ourselves and for our pupils, our new generation, our children...

We make toys that do not contain carcinogenic substances using natural oils.

We lubricate the toys we prepare with certified natural wood oils. In this way, both the colors are very stylish, the wooden touch is much softer for little hands, and products that do not contain carcinogenic substances for health are produced.

Thanks to our wood oils, our products are protected against water by 63%. Unlike raw wooden toys, we use oils that will provide long-term protection to our products so that they have a much longer life.

It is much more difficult to produce wooden toys than to produce a huge living room furniture...

We first put the AA quality wood products we buy into carving and shredding processes using today's technology. You guessed it, we need high-speed machines and sharp knives to cut down the tree. We try to minimize the most dangerous aspects of this job with the strict measures we take regarding occupational safety. However, the smaller the parts we process, the longer the production processes. Because it is very important for us that wooden toys, which we need to work very sensitively and carefully, turn into the most ergonomic structure for our children.

Wooden toys should have soft lines...

The wooden toys we design must be free from hard corners. The woods that we have softened by sanding carefully will not hurt your baby's delicate hands...

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