Mini Weaving Loom Set
Mini Weaving Loom Set
Mini Weaving Loom Set
Mini Weaving Loom Set
Mini Weaving Loom Set
Mini Weaving Loom Set

Mini Weaving Loom Set

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Let's See Tiny Hands!

One of the important heritages of Turkish Culture is the art of weaving. How would you like to revive this legacy, which is still continuing from the past to the present?

Rugs, carpets, throw pillows, wall panels, maybe a baby blanket...

Useful for Children, How?

This product, which is beneficial for the fine motor development of small hands, is also a useful activity for adults. As you continue to do it, you will have fun, increase motivation and at the same time do little math calculations in your mind in each row.

We know that you will love this activity, where you can also evaluate the existing ropes at home :)


27x20 cm Wooden Loom Set

A bench that you can use comfortably on the table or floor in your home.

  • Made of natural wood with 27x20 cm outer dimensions.
  • It has 19 channels.
  • 1 wooden shuttle
  • 1 wooden needle
  • 1 wooden comb
  • The rope is not included.

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