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Project Beginning: Esperro Cafe Nevşehir branch applied to Architab Atölye for the renewal of the existing stand designs in Nissara AVM. With our customer who used our decorative cafe equipment products before; We held meetings about the products and machinery to be sold at this stand.

Design Process: After the measurements of all the machines to be used in the coffee shop were taken, we moved on to the design phase. At this stage, videos were shot for the location in the shopping center and work began on the design that would allow customers to notice the coffee shop from every angle.

By using matte black and natural wood, we aimed to add a natural color tone to the unique smell of coffee. It was aimed to create contrast for the coffee shop by cutting the abundant and bright lights inside the mall.

Technical Drawings: The technical drawings prepared by interior architect İlknur Erden were evaluated together with our masters, and the most suitable materials were selected for the shopping mall.

Production Planning: In this location, which is sheltered from outdoor conditions, trees and wooden materials that are compatible with the interior space, which offer price advantage, were used.

Production and Manufacturing: A meticulous work was started in our woodworking workshop in order to make the selected materials compatible with the production of coffee shops. The thickness of the trees was made ready for the first assembly by passing the stages of sanding, painting and varnishing. A much longer cabinet life is aimed by using MDF in the bodies of the cabinets. For this reason, the production of MDF cabinets was completed and made ready for assembly.

Assembly and Installation: By making a preliminary installation in the garden of our workshop, the location in the shopping mall and the program to be made on the assembly day were prepared. At this stage, the customer was called and a preview was made, the additional demands of the customer were taken and the necessary additions were made in the product design so that maximum efficiency in use was obtained.

Electricity and Lighting: Since the coffee shop is a middle stand in the shopping mall, a more dim atmosphere was added to the atmosphere by applying a roof to the ceiling. After this stage, a special lighting was made for the menu board that we positioned on the back wall of the coffee shop with LED spotlights. At the same time, we used 3 metal pendant chandeliers on the side facade. In this area, we have created a stylish lighting area with yellow LED bulbs. Under these 3 matte black metal chandeliers, there is a table where coffee shop customers can drink their coffee. At the same time, there is a station in this area where they can charge their phones.

Interior Decoration: Interior designer İlknur Erden prepared a retro design in this place, displaying a stance that contrasts with the modern spaces in the shopping mall. In this way, shopping mall customers can easily see the difference during their visits, and although the coffee shop is located on the upper floor, it can be noticed even from the lower floors. A special counter was prepared for the use of baristas, the machines to be used in this area were carefully arranged and made useful. There is no plumbing in this shop, but as Architab Atelier, we created a special water pump, clean water and dirty water tanks and a sink area that can be used in this area. Thus, baristas were provided with a much more useful counter.

Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction: In the morning of the installation, the work of the baristas was inspected on site for quality control at the final stage of the work. First impressions of the baristas were taken and a short training was given on the use of booth equipment.

Project Termination: The coffee shop delivered to the customer was recorded remotely with a hidden camera on the first day, and the reactions of the daily visitors of the shopping mall were measured. The comments and reactions of the employees in other stores about the change in this place were followed. The information we obtained for this purpose has been included in our notes for our next project. Although our customer has an existing stand in this location for years; We were happy to realize that many thought this was a newly opened business. In this way, we wish our customers a lot of sales days with the coffee shop that we have given a brand new look.

Esperro Coffee is located in Nissara AVM. You can visit this place and try the delicious tastes of the Architab Atolye coffee shop.

Esperro Coffee Nissara AVM offers different types of coffee and hot drinks, as well as snacks and homemade desserts. Visitors can consider the time they spend in the coffee shop as a pleasant break. In addition, thanks to the events and promotions organized in the coffee shop, visitors can both have a pleasant time and benefit from special offers.

Esperro Coffee Nissara AVM can also be followed on social media accounts. Thus, customers can be up-to-date about new products, events and campaigns.

As a result, Esperro Coffee Nissara AVM, reborn with the design of Architab Atolye, serves the visitors as a stylish and comfortable place. This coffee shop, which offers a unique experience with its quality products and pleasant atmosphere, will become a must stop during your shopping mall visits.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly materials: In the design of Esperro Coffee Nissara AVM, attention was paid to the use of sustainability and environmentally friendly materials. Architab Atelier has contributed to environmental awareness by preferring the use of natural wood and recyclable materials.

Ergonomics and employee comfort: Employee comfort and work efficiency were also taken into account in the design of the coffee shop. In particular, thanks to the ergonomic arrangement of the barista counter and the easy accessibility of the equipment, employees can serve more comfortably and efficiently.

Customer experience and social areas: In the interior of Esperro Coffee Nissara AVM, areas where customers can sit and socialize comfortably have been created. In this way, visitors can find the opportunity to chat with their friends while enjoying their coffee.

Customizability and modularity: Due to the design concept of Architab Atolye, the interior of the coffee shop has modular and customizable features. In this way, the usage area and layout of the shop can be easily changed according to the needs of the business.

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